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'Mormon Helping Hands' to the rescue of Hurricane Sandy victims

By , | Posted - Nov 18th, 2012 @ 10:08am

October ended with Hurricane Sandy sweeping across the East Coast, leaving mass destruction in its path.

News stories have shown images of the devastation and, for those affected, the clean-up effort has been monumental.

Even before super storm Sandy hit land, LDS church leaders in that area were planning ways to offer aid.

Bishops Storehouses on the East Coast were already stocked with supplies and Members and missionaries were able to set out immediately to assist those in need.

Kevin Calderwood, the mission president in the New York, New York South Mission helped organize some of these efforts and spoke with Mormon Times via Skype.

Watch the video to hear how church members have gotten to work and how 'Mormon Helping Helps' is being received in the community.

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