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Monday Night Football

From Left Field: a San Diego mishap; 'moon' cleats

By Andy Larsen,  |  Posted Sep 12th, 2017 @ 11:11am


SALT LAKE CITY — Three more fun sports stories in today's From Left Field!

San Diego mishap

You're not the only one still calling them the "San Diego Chargers." Even though they moved this offseason to Los Angeles, plenty of people can't get the team's old name out of their head, including the head official of their first game:

Stefon Diggs honors Randy Moss

It was Randy Moss night at the new Minnesota Vikings stadium, as the Vikings inducted the Hall-of-Fame receiver into their ring of honor. New lead Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs went all out to honor the legend, including these cleats depicting Moss pretending to "moon" the crowd:

That wasn't all: Diggs played like Moss too, with two touchdowns and some Moss-inspired celebrations.

Punishing your clubs

Golf is a frustrating endeavor. This golfer, whose time of trouble was shared by former NFL kicker Josh Scobee, appears to be mad at every single one of his clubs for their performance.

Andy Larsen,
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