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Detective Scott Lloyd, Taylorsville

   |  Posted May 28th, 2018 @ 4:20pm



The following was submitted by Joshua Dunn.

"My name is Joshua Dunn and I am a school psychologist with the Granite Unified School District currently serving at Plymouth and Westbrook Elementary Schools.

I am writing to express my appreciation and utmost respect for Detective Scott Lloyd. On March 6th Detective Lloyd was presenting to a group of our students at Plymouth Elementary School when he was asked to respond to a behavioral emergency in one of our special education classrooms.

Detective Lloyd arrived and immediately took control of the situation, using minimal restraint to prevent the student from further destroying property and harming himself or staff.

Detective Lloyd was calm, empathetic, and used de-escalation techniques to provide support to the distressed student. I feel that these methods were crucial in maintaining the child's dignity and self-respect.

After the child was calm, Detective Lloyd took the extra step of listening to his concerns and helping him clean up the room.

This level of professionalism should be commended and modeled to other law enforcement officers."

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