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This DNA test could possibly change your life

This DNA test could possibly change your life


Too often we hear stories about someone who is dealing with a disease. They and their loved ones are suffering from something that took too long to find when knowing earlier might have eased pain and suffering. It probably wasn't long ago you saw a similar story pop up on your social media news feed. Maybe you wonder if something as tragic could happen to you or someone in your family. There is something that can give you peace of mind and help you to be more proactive with your health. Utah-based True DNA Story was created because several team members lost loved ones from this exact problem.

"One of our clients has struggled with unexplained weight gain for years. He tried many different diets with no success. He even engaged a registered dietician and fitness counselor with no results. When he showed his True DNA Story health panel to his counselor she exclaimed, "There's your problem. Did you know you had hypothyroidism?" They now have his weight loss under control."

The company has one goal, to give you hope of knowing and acting about potential health issues sooner. They believe that when you know your story you can change your life!

Everything that makes you is found in your DNA. It has about 25,000 genes that decide how everything in your body is made. This 'genetic code' has been very difficult to analyze because it is very complex. Each person can have millions of genetic differences called 'variants' and each one can affect you in different ways.

True DNA Story's breakthrough solves this problem with new technology that looks at, and stores, every single gene and every single variant. Then they provide clinical quality DNA reports to educate people on what their genetic disease risks are.

Individualized health predictions

After scientists discovered the Human Genome, doctors and scientists created DNA libraries where they keep details on what each variant can mean. The company checks all test results against more than 100 of the world's best DNA libraries and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine how variants might affect you. This gives you the power to work toward better health!

A client had been dealing with melanoma and surgeries for years. The doctor finally agreed to a DNA test that was done at a renowned clinic. The test cost $4,500 and tested three genes and a few genetic variants for two types of skin cancer. They didn't find anything. Without a precise result, her treatments were limited. True DNA Story ran her DNA and proved she does have genetic markers for melanoma, allowing her doctors to apply precision medical treatment.

This information is possible because True DNA Story examines all five types of melanoma covering 30 genes and over 700 possible variants, then provides a weighted, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based risk factor for each variant found.

True DNA Story Testimonial Ann Washburn 24 Sep 2019 from True DNAStory on Vimeo.

How it works

The company will send you a cheek swab kit for you to mail back, and then your sample is sent to their certified laboratory. The sample is converted into data which is then aligned to create your personal DNA file. True DNA Story processes and stores your data with their HIPAA compliant systems.

Once the laboratory returns your data, your reports are available in your Personal Data Vault. Once you get an email notifying you that your reports are ready, you can access them from your computer, phone, or tablet. Your reports will show your risk of certain diseases in your life.

Reports cover more than 100 diseases including 90% of all major cancers. It also covers more than 80% of all major clinical conditions involving the heart, lungs, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimers, arthritis, and many more. The results are clinical-quality and are designed to help you and your doctor make the best choices about your health.

The results are yours and yours alone. You can share them with anyone you choose but True DNA Story cannot. Your data is protected with state-of-the-art systems and never, ever shared.

Clinical-quality DNA analysis now affordable for everyone

Beyond its high level of accuracy and the wide range of conditions it can test for, what sets True DNA Story apart is its affordability and accessibility. A recent review of competitors showed that True DNA Story offers far more condition reports, far more research data, and all at a much lower price than any other product.

In the past, these tests had to be ordered by doctors and could only be targeted at one or two conditions. Each test could cost up to $5,000! For under $300, True DNA Story allows anyone to order their own clinical-quality DNA reports to find out what level of risk they run of developing 90% of major cancers and more than 80% of major clinical conditions. All with a single test.

"We analyze every potential variant and store every variant we find," says True DNA Story. "Then we watch all the latest medical and scientific discoveries and will re-run your reports if any new discovery may affect your reports—all at no cost to you."

Get started

For more information about how knowing your DNA could impact your personal health, visit

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