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8 ways you’re more like your mother than you thought

By Minky Couture | Posted - May 6, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.

Every kid can remember thinking, "I’m never going to do that when I’m a mom (or grown-up)." Most people can look back at things that bothered them so much as children or teens, that they would plan — far in advance — that they would never become like their mother in that regard.

As anyone with a mother can tell you, it’s nearly impossible to leave the house without any of her tendencies. Every adult has that moment when they realize they are more like their mother than they ever realized. Here are a few ways you might not realize you’re a carbon copy of your mom.

You loathe dirty dishes

After a full morning of snacks, breakfast and preparing lunch, the stack of dishes really begins to pile up. Nothing would trigger mom more than walking into the kitchen to find a whole sink full of dishes to do. Whether your mom made you dig in and help with them, or make her annoyance known while she tackled the dishes, you swore you’d never be upset with a few dishes in the sink.

Oh, how times have changed. Whether you have children or roommates, walking into the kitchen to find a bunch of dishes — that aren’t your own — is frustrating.

You’re excited for bedtime

If your mom would talk with her friends about how great naptime is or how she would watch that show when the kids go to bed, you’re far from alone. It was almost rude how excited she was to do fun things without you.

However, if you have children, you understand (on a deep level) how sacred naptime and bedtime are. This is probably your most productive hour or two of the day — the worst part is deciding whether to get things done or relax and do something you enjoy.

You stand in front of the TV

As you sat in your pajamas watching your third straight hour of Saturday morning cartoons, mom would come up and stand in front of "Tom and Jerry" to get your attention. Nothing could break the spell of glazed eyes on a television screen faster than mom blocking it with folded arms. Usually, it was to get your attention after several failed attempts of simply calling your name.

As "Peppa Pig" episodes automatically play one after another, you now know the frustration of a constantly blaring television and kids who can’t hear the call to put their toys away. Just like your mom, you stand in front of the TV and wait for the attention of your children to focus on you. It’s not fun, but it sure is effective.

You love a good sale

Like most mothers, your mom probably enjoyed finding a good sale. Whether milk was a better price at the store down the street or that handbag finally went on clearance, nothing could get mom excited like savings.

Maybe it was when you were a teenager and started buying things you wanted with your after-school job earnings, or maybe it was when you had to start buying your own groceries, but at some point in your life, you also got excited about the weekly sales flyer.

You know you’ve actually become your mother when you call her up and tell her about the amazing deal you just scored.

You’ve said, ‘Put it back’

Whether you have impulse control issues or you have children of your own, you know the battle of the grocery store. It was earth-shattering when mom wouldn’t let you put that extra box of Lucky Charms in the basket or get you that bag of Skittles at the checkout line.

But as an adult, you know the struggle of just getting in and out of the grocery store without buying a bag’s worth of unnecessary items. Even those without kids know it can be difficult to self-regulate and only buy what’s on the list (but you might look a little crazy telling yourself to "put it back" if you’re alone).


You complain about how tired you are

Why did adults always complain about how tired they were? Didn’t they sleep like everyone else? Even as older kids, it was harder to imagine how parents could complain about getting old and the dreaded retort, "You’ll understand when you’re my age someday."

Unfortunately, mother was right (as usual). Even in your 20s, some parts of the body just start Whether it’s a hangover from a single drink or easily throwing your back out picking up your shoes, there’s just something about getting older that makes you tired. All the time.

You’ve replied, ‘We have food at home’

Growing up, one of the meanest things mom could say was, "We have food at home." Was a simple happy meal too much to ask for? 9 out of 10 times, mom would not give in to the fast food cravings of her always hungry kids, much to their dismay. As always, mom wasn’t being selfish or mean, just practical.

In college and as parents, most people know it’s not prudent to eat out every time you or your kids have an inkling for french fries. While it’s certainly tempting, it is annoying to throw away expired food from the fridge because you ate out too much that week. It’s like kids think money grows on trees!

You tell your kids how easy they have it

We’ve all heard the tired trope of, "When I was your age, I had to walk a mile to the school through the snowy fields." Kids usually hear these stories when they complain about something that’s very much a generational issue (and usually not a big deal).

Your stories might include harrowing tales of sharing a landline with your family or doing research papers using only books — no internet. As time marches on and new technology comes to light, there will always be a sad story to be told of walking through the snow to school — or being locked out of the family’s wifi after 10 p.m.

In the end, you realize that you turned out all right. If the worst thing that happened to you was to end up with a few of your mother’s habits, give her a big hug the next time you see her. Moms everywhere sacrifice and give up their independence, their health and their sleep to raise constructive members of society.

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