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Twitter wrap-up: Utah State vs. Louisiana Tech

Twitter wrap-up: Utah State vs. Louisiana Tech

By Matt Harris, Contributor | Posted - Oct. 22, 2011 at 6:27 p.m.

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LOGAN -- Romney Stadium was approximately half-full for their game against Louisiana Tech on Saturday with many students away during USU's "Fall Break". However, those that weren't at the game were following online with various social media, especially Twitter.

Rhett Wilkinson wrote, "Utah State student section about 20 percent full, at best."

Eric Frandsen (@efrandsen) tweeted before the game that, "The USU coaches believe that Louisiana Tec's front seven will be the best they have faced all season. They give up only 105 yards rushing".

Louisiana Tech showed early on that they can play a little offense as well. After a couple of long runs and a double pass play, the Bulldogs were in the end zone for the opening score of the game.

The Utah Sports Examiner (@ExmnrUtahSports) wrote, "Do the Aggies have a defense? Hard to tell after that drive."

Following the scoring drive, Justin McKissick (@justin_sr) tweeted, "Let's see if Chuckie can get protected and move the ball downfield this time."

McKissick was correct in his prediction as Keeton and the offense got into the end zone courtesy of Aggies workhorse Robert Turbin on a one-yard touchdown carry.

Tony Jones (@TonyAggieville) tweeted immediately after the touchdown that, "Robert Turbin is now second on the USU career scoring list."

Even though Turbin is one of the leaders in the nation in terms of rushing, The Upset Blog (@TheUpsetBlog) made an interesting observation about the Aggies running back.

They wrote, "Robert Turbin is faster than he looks even while running. He has so much muscle it makes him appear slower than he is."

As the game progressed into the second quarter, Louisiana Tech drove deep into Utah State territory before the Aggies defense decided to get nasty.

Tyler D. Huskinson (@TDHuskiSports) tweeted, "USU brings the house on 4th and 7. Wagner introduces Tech quarterback Isham to the turf."

Even with the resurgence of the defense in the second quarter, the offense couldn't keep pace. The rushing attack really couldn't get going and the passing game was no better.

Justin McKissick (@justin_sr)wrote, "Rough day on offense for the Aggies. Really sloppy, they need to clean it up for the second half."

Tony Jones (@TonyAggieville) noted the boos coming from the crowd when he said, "Boos coming from the crowd because of lack of aggression on offense."

The Aggies could only muster a field goal after a touchdown run by Kerwynn Williams was brought back because of a penalty against Utah State. The half ended at 10-7 in favor of USU.

Louisiana Tech had been giving plenty of opportunities to Utah State to take control of the game, but the secondary wasn't helping out the Aggies.

Matt Sonnenberg (@RefractionFaf) wrote, "Utah State's DB's have the worst hands since the 2006 Utah State wide receivers."

Michael Anastasi agreed with Sonnenberg when he said, "How about some ball catching drills for the USU secondary?"

Scott Ficklin (@scottficklin) said, "I could have caught that interception if I were wearing oven mitts."

Louisiana Tech and Utah State traded touchdowns in a testy third quarter as the Utah State fans were very upset with the officiating. There were several tweets about the officials that I cannot repeat in this article.

However, early on in the fourth quarter, Louisiana Tech marched down the field and got into the end zone thanks to a Hunter Lee eight-yard touchdown.

And with the loss of yet another fourth quarter lead, the proverbial Utah State fan tweets started rolling in.

Riley Jensen (@RileyJensen) tweeted, "USU finding ways to lose in 2011."

Karly Liechty (@karliechty) wrote, "Hey Aggies, you're not supposed to be choking for like four more minutes. Quit throwing me off."

Cache Sports Media (@Cache_Sport) said, "Another fourth quarter, another USU lead gone. This is Aggielife."

The offense came back out on the field and again couldn't get anything going. That has been the case for Utah State all season long.

Eric Frandsen (@efrandsen) tweeted, "Three and out again. USU punting again. Offense has totally stalled.

In the midst of yet another breakdown, Garrett Wheeler (@thrashsoundly), who had been sitting behind the Utah State bench the entire game, wrote the following:

"Sitting behind the USU bench is interesting. These players have looked defeated all game. No excitement."

The Aggies decided to punt on fourth down with 4:54 remaining in the game. The Aggie crowd was not happy with the decision to give the ball back to Louisiana Tech. The boos rained down from half-full stadium in protest of the decision.

Things only got worse. On the fourth down play, punter Tyler Bennett fumbled the football and, as the Bulldogs defenders went after the fumble, Bennett kicked the ball down the field.

The play resulted in a penalty against Utah State from the spot of the foul, a loss of down, and a first down for Louisiana Tech from the Aggies 11-yard line.

Jordan Balmforth (@SaltLaker24), who was watching the ESPN3 broadcast online, tweeted, "The ESPN announcer just said that he has never seen that before. USU football - the ultimate trendsetters."

Tyler Riggs (@TySpace) chimed in with his thoughts. He said, "Utah State has the worst special teams ever."

Nate Sato (@SatoSports) seemed to agree. He wrote, "Utah State just continues to find ways to lose games."

Utah State had one last chance to get the football into the end zone after a field goal by Louisiana Tech. But once again, the offense moved nowhere.

Tyrell Marchant (@tbmarchant) stated what has become somewhat of a trend for Utah State games on Twitter when he said, "We need to put in our backup offensive coordinator. #firebaldwin."

Utah State turned the ball over on fourth down and Louisiana Tech won the game 24-17.

Kris Smith (@KrizzzyS) proclaimed, "Thank you USU football for making me depressed on a consistent basis."

One social media user that goes by the name "Graveyard Dog" (@DaddyThugz) wrote, "We really need the NCAA to change our games to three quarters. Then maybe we could win. In fact, we would be 7-0."

The Aggies fall to 2-5 on the season with their bowl hopes smashed to pieces. It seems that the fan base has grown tired of the performance of the football team this season.

David Ball (@DavidDenverBall) might have come to a conclusion about the thoughts of the Utah State faithful:

"Utah State Basketball. The only thing that matters now."

Tony Jones (@TonyAggieville) got the following quote from the press conference after the game:

"Coach Anderson: I'm not coaching good enough to win football games."

There is great cause for concern in Cache Valley right now.


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