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Utah man sets record by biking 500 miles across South Pole

By Jed Boal  |  Posted Jan 6th, 2014 @ 10:42pm

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SOUTH POLE — The owner of Epic Biking in Saratoga Springs is well on his way to becoming the first person to ride a bicycle to the South Pole.

Dan Burton is surrounded by snow and ice all alone, but his family and friends are confident he will finish the ride.

If everything goes according to plan, Burton should complete the ride in the next couple of weeks. However, whether he finishes the ride or not, he will have to leave Antarctica in the next few weeks because the last plane for the season leaves Jan. 23.

A little over a year ago, Burton started exploring the hobby of ice biking. He used to ride on Utah Lake. Now, he is living out of a tent in Antarctica.

"He seems to be doing very well and is determined to complete it," said Burton's wife, Media Burton. "He's got the capability and the determination."

Burton started his trek across the South Pole in November 2013, and talks to his wife just about every day on a satellite phone so she can update his blog. However, he has not been able to send pictures of his adventure.

"It's getting close to the end, so he's getting excited for that," Media Burton said.

Burton has completed 75 percent of the journey from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole riding almost 500 of the 700 miles.

A couple of other biking expeditions are also currently riding to the South Pole, but Burton is riding with far fewer sponsors.

"There wasn't a lot of support, but he was committed to do it, And he went after it and did it himself," said friend, Ron Trolley.

Burton said he has endured -40 degree temperatures and that he has pedaled into headwinds and whiteouts.

"I don't give in what I should. I think I've got the ability to keep going and make it there," Burton said in November.

Burton has already broken the record for the most miles ridden on a bicycle towards the South Pole. He's fallen in a crevasse, and had to field rig a wheel while awaiting a new one in his last cache of food and gear.

"He's been through a lot of challenging things, and he's determined to complete whatever he starts," Media Burton said.


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