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Statehood exhibit set to open at Capitol building this spring

 |  Posted Jan 4th, 2010 @ 5:55pm

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Test your knowledge of Utah state history:

  1. How many constitutions did Utah territorial leaders write in order to become a state? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  2. How many territorial governors were sent from Washington, D.C. to be governors of Utah Territory? (A trick question!) [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  3. Who was the first governor of Utah Territory? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  4. How many counties were there when Utah entered the Union? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  5. How many counties are there in Utah today? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  6. What was the first name for the state? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  7. Where did the name Utah come from? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  8. How many stars on the 1896 United States flag? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  9. Who was Utah's first state governor? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  10. Where was he sworn in and why? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  11. Where was Utah's first capital? [CLICK HERE for the answer]

  12. How many years did it take for Utah to become a state? [CLICK HERE for the answer]


  1. 7

  2. 13

  3. Brigham Young

  4. 27

  5. 29 (Duchesne and Daggett joined the state in 1915 and 1918 respectively)

  6. Deseret (a name for Beehive in Mormon scriptures)

  7. The Spaniards tried to pronounce the name the White Mountain Apaches called the Navajo - Yuttahih (meaning "one that is higher up") - because they were located mainly around a small freshwater lake (which was later to be called Utah Lake)

  8. 45 (Utah became the 45th state to join the union.)

  9. Heber Wells

  10. He was sworn in and delivered his inaugural address in the LDS Tabernacle because it was the only building large enough to hold all the people who wanted to participate in the celebration. A giant flag was made by six women to cover the ceiling of the Tabernacle and an electrified sign was put up between the pipes of the organ. Later the flag was moved to the south side of the LDS Temple where it stayed for approximately a year until, in tatters, it was taken down.

  11. Filmore, Utah, because it was the center of the territory. It was soon moved to a more populous city (SLC).

  12. 47


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