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Teens lobby for sex-education bill

   |  Posted Feb 18th, 2008 @ 5:04pm


Richard Piatt reporting

Some schools across the state sponsored a "Teen-lobbying Day" at the Capitol today. They didn't buy lawmakers lunch, but they did bend their ears about a touchy topic: sex education.

"All they say is, ‘Don't have sex until you're married,' that's all they say; and then they talk about STDs. What is that really getting to us? That's not getting to us," said Tavale Pelesasa, a ninth-grader from Kennedy Junior High.

Ninth-grader Dylan Austin, also from Kennedy Junior High, said, "Sometimes they will disagree a few times, but when it comes to the senators, you talk to them and they know what you're talking about. They know, they see, they know exactly."

The legislation they were talking about is actually a bill that requires the health departments to give information about STDs to anyone who asks. It's a bill that has a good chance of passing if lawmakers fund the $350,000 to the State Department of Health.

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