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Questar sets record for natural gas delivery

By Jasen Lee  |  Posted Feb 3rd, 2011 @ 3:39pm



SALT LAKE CITY — Questar Gas Co. hit a new high Wednesday as it set a single-day record for the amount of natural gas delivered to its area customers. Freezing cold temperatures drove gas volumes to the highest levels in the utility's 82-year history.

Questar Gas delivered 1.13 million decatherms of natural gas — enough gas to supply more than 14,000 typical households for an entire year — eclipsing the previous 24-hour record of 1.1 million decatherms set in Dec. 2009.

Based on current weather forecasts, Questar Gas expects continued high volume for the next few days. Questar Gas serves more than 900,000 customers in three states, including approximately 870,000 Utah homes and businesses, 30,000 in Wyoming and 2,000 in Preston, Idaho.


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