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7 epic fails that will make you laugh until you cry

By Robert J. DeBry and Associates  |  Posted Jun 16th, 2015 @ 10:00am



Having a bad day? Here are seven people who are having an even worse day than you — and have hilarious videos to prove it.


Track and field isn't known as a particularly dangerous sport, but BYU's Katy Andrews may beg to differ after taking an embarrassingly awkward tumble over a hurdle in the steeplechase. Although she may not have been feeling all that graceful that day, she handled it like a boss. She not only got up with a laugh, she also posted the viral video herself.

Inner tube smackdown

A big brother, a little brother, a gigantic inner tube and the seething undertones of sibling rivalry. Clearly, this is not going to end well.

The longest graduation fail

It's graduation day, and all eyes are on you as you proudly, yet serenely, walk to the podium amid cheers and the trumpeting of "Pomp and Circumstance." That's how things usually go, anyway, but not for Jasmine Williams. The Louisiana teenager started her graduation walk with a swagger that soon gave way to a stumble that went on for 13 agonizing seconds. But Jasmine didn't let it keep her down — literally. She said she "busted out laughing" when she first saw the video online and has been enjoying the fame and notoriety the comes from being the star of a viral video.

Booty blackout

It's important to teach your children while they're young. In this household, those lessons might include staying clear of mom when she's gettin' down with her bad self. And if it looks like she's about to drop it like it's hot, run.

Jumping cat fail — or sail?

One a scale of 1 to Funny, a video of a falling cat is somewhere in the middle. But that same video synchronized to intense music? Off the charts. This 36-second video begins with a laundry line and the steely eyed gaze of a Siamese cat. A few musical chords signal something epic is about to begin, and when the bass drops, you know it's on.

Leapin' lizard!

When a reptile expert and his scaly friends make an appearance on live TV, there's a pretty good chance something will go amiss. That "something," predictably, happens to an unsuspecting reporter — though really, how "unsuspecting" can you be when you're in the process of uncoiling a five-foot-long Texas rat snake?

Wedding party turned pool party

It has all the makings of a classic viral video: a best man's clumsiness has a domino effect on a bride and a priest, with tragi-comic results. The clip has been an enormous hit since first published to the Web in 2008. Sadly, it has since come out that the video was staged and is actually a scene from an independent film. Either way, it's still 30 seconds of hilarity, so watch and enjoy.

Everyone has accidents, some more serious than others. When yours gets serious, Robert J. Debry is here to help.

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