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'Brokeback Mountain' Wins Award; Larry Miller Remains Mum

   |  Posted Jan 16th, 2006 @ 9:57pm


Samantha Hayes Reporting

The Golden Globe Awards tonight named "Brokeback Mountain" the best picture of the year. But it still won't be showing at Larry Miller's theatres.

Miller has not responded to reporters' questions about his decision to pull the film.

Today, before a public appearance, he was asked again. "I said everything I had to say when I pulled the movie. Okay? Anything else you want to know?" Larry Miller made that comment before speaking at the NAACP's annual Martin Luther King luncheon.

Eyewitness News tried to contact Larry Miller and offer an opportunity to elaborate, but there has been no response. His decision to pull the movie about a romance between two cowboys has received international attention. Tonight the movie was honored at the Golden Globes.

You know he owns the Jazz. You know he owns many car dealerships and other local businesses. You may also know Larry Miller has emotional moments on television.

Larry Miller/February 2005: "They broke the mold. I love you."

Larry Miller/December 2005: "I still think they are a bunch of overpaid, pompous twinks."

But this time, it's not about sports. Asked why he pulled "Brokeback Mountain" from his theatres by a reporter with KSL radio...

Larry Miller: "I said everything I had to say when I pulled the movie. Okay? Anything else you want to know?"

A few minutes later, during the NAACP luncheon, Miller made light of all the media attention.

Larry Miller: "I don't know if I intended this as a joke or not, but Ed made me nervous when he started talking about movies..."

Movies are the subject, especially right now in Hollywood, where R-rated Brokeback Mountain won several awards during the Golden Globes.

Larry Miller's decision to pull the movie from his theatres made international headlines. Local gay advocacy groups threatened to boycott his businesses. But a poll showed 60 percent of Utahns agreed with Miller's decision.

After his public comments, Miller told the Deseret News, "I see the attention I'm getting is a lot more positive than negative."

And, "I never like upsetting people. I may not agree with their principles, they may not agree with mine."

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff spoke at the same event this afternoon and praised Miller for his support of local charities.

You can read more tomorrow morning in the Deseret News.

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