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Separated Twins Generate Worldwide Interest

   |  Posted Aug 14th, 2006 @ 9:56pm


Amanda Butterfield Reporting

It's been one week since the Herrin twins were separated. The 4- year olds continue making progress and recovering.

It's not just our community that wants daily updates about the girls, who are still at Primary Children's Medical Center. It seems people around the world are interested, too.

From China to Australia, Romania, India, Ireland, the U.K, and more. People want to know how Kendra and Maliyah are doing. Just go online and google Herrin Twins. Hundreds of sites will come up.

Erin Herrin/Mother: "We've had emails-- I think over three thousand emails-- just wishing us the best. People are continuing to pray for us, and that means a lot to us, especially because we are not out of the woods yet."

Even some big names are following this story.

At Saturday night's soccer match at Rice Eccles Stadium, Jake got to meet a friend of David Beckham: Tom Cruise.

Jake Herrin/Father: "He acted like he had heard about it, but didn't know it was here. He asked how the girls were doing, and wished us good luck."

Local political leaders are also concerned.

Jake Herrin: "The governor called us. That was really neat."

And sports figures.

Jake Herrin: "Tom Holmoe from BYU emailed me because I was wearing the hat through it all. So he pledged his support. That was really nice."

Jake Herrin: "We saw Steve Young when he was here the other day."

So, how are the girls doing? Well. They're breathing on their own, still heavily sedated for pain, and they're talking.

Jake Herrin/Father: "Their biggest worry is eating. They haven't been able to eat yet, so they've asked about that. They've given us high fives. We've read them stories and blown bubble with them and stuff. They are doing really good."

As for the family -- they say they're doing well too.

Jake Herrin/Father: "We are going to look back on this with fond memories, a lot of fond memories."

The Herrins say the biggest concern right now is infection, and medical workers are keeping a close watch on the twins' skin and wounds.

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