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Warren Jeffs Taken to Hospital, Returned to Jail

   |  Posted Jan 30th, 2007 @ 4:00pm


Amanda Butterfield Reporting

Warren Jeffs, leader of the FLDS Church, was taken to a hospital earlier this week after he was found "distressed." Some former members of his polygamist group wonder if the incident had to do with one of his prophecies.

Three years ago Jeffs prophesied that he would die a martyr, and this latest medical scare has former members of his wondering if Jeffs is getting a little nervous that prophecy may not be fulfilled.

Ross Chatwin, former FLDS member said, "Well if he doesn't die as he prophesied here that I think that would be good for us."

Ross Chatwin was born into the FLDS religion. He knew Warren Jeffs personally and says Jeffs has told his followers he will be a martyr.

Ross Chatwin said, "He just said that we has going to be just like the prophet Joseph Smith."

Joseph Smith was the first prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was killed while in Carthidge Jail in 1844 by an angry mob.

Chatwin predicts if Jeffs dies as he prophesied his followers faith will become even stronger.

Jeffs was checked out Sunday morning by Purgatory jail medical staff for heart problems. He was taken to Dixie Regional Medical Center. Because of privacy issues, we can't get specific details on his condition.

Jeffs checked out just fine and today he is in good health according to Washington County Sheriff's Department.

Because he is such a high profile inmate, additional officers even members of the SWAT team were called in to escort him.

Officials with Purgatory Jail are taking every precaution to keep Jeffs alive and healthy.

Lt. Jake Adams, Washington County Sheriff's Office, said, "We're monitoring him closely and making sure that he is getting enough nutrition, food and the medical treatment he needs."

If Jeffs does stay alive while in jail, Chatwin predicts his followers may question him as a prophet, and Jeffs may be starting to get nervous, too.

Ross Chatwin said, "I think the reality is starting to set inI think that he is starting to realize that he has made some serious mistakes here, and it is starting to catch up with him."

Those at the jail say it is actually quite common to take an inmate to the hospital to get treatment.

Warren Jeffs has been in Purgatory Jail since September. He was on the FBI's Most Wanted list and arrested in August after a traffic stop on I-15. He faces charges of rape as an accomplice for arranging the marriage of an underage girl to a member of his church.

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