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Advertising Blamed for Childhood Obesity

   |  Posted Dec 4th, 2006 @ 2:46pm


Greg Neft Reporting

A blistering report from the American Academy of Pediatrics is blasting television advertising for many childhood problems, including obesity.

Obesity is running at 17 percent in America and the academy says McDonalds and other fast food ads are a big reason. But local fast food giant Artic Circle CEO, Gary Roberts, doesn't agree.

Gary Roberts: "Parents are the ones who control what they eat at home."

He says they aren't aiming at kids either. "As far as shakes that we sell to children, it's probably less than one percent."

But lead author of the report Dr. Victor Strasburger said today on KSL Newsradio's the Doug Wright Show that kids don't know what's being aimed them.

Dr. Strasburger: "Very young children, three and four years old, actually think that advertising tells the truth."

The report calls for a strict curtail of advertising towards children.

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