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Disney/Pixar to produce new film in Utah

By Andrew Adams  |  Posted Jun 11th, 2009 @ 7:23pm


SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah's new movie incentives bill has landed the state its first big-time motion picture project.

Take the Walt Disney company, combine it with Pixar and Utah scenery, and you're going to have the movie "John Carter of Mars." It's based on a series of books about a Civil War vet transported to the Red Planet.

Governor's Office of Economic Development Director Jason Perry is stoked. "This is a place where Disney will start looking as the place where they will want to do all of their films," he said.

The film will bring hundreds of cast and crew members to the state during production. "This is over 400 people involved in full-time work for seven-straight months here in the State of Utah. This is going to put our film crews to work. It's really going to put us on the map as a place to film," Perry said.

He continued, "This is exactly what we told our legislature would happen when we got a better incentive program for film. We will have 400 people coming constantly in and out of the State of Utah, staying in our motel rooms. They'll be eating in our restaurants."

Utah approved up to $5.5 million in tax credits for the $28 million of work done here. Production is expected to begin in November, and Disney believes the film could become its next big movie series, akin to "Pirates of the Caribbean."


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