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LDS Church opens Idaho Falls temple after 2-year renovation project

Nate Eaton,  |  Posted   Apr 18th - 9:58am

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is opening the doors of the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple this week following a major renovation project.

LDS general Relief Society president reaffirms commitment to helping refugees

Dennis Romboy  |  Posted   Apr 13th - 11:15pm

An LDS Church leader reaffirmed the faith’s commitment to working with religious groups and other agencies to provide humanitarian aid and help refugees around the world in a meeting at the United Nations on Thursday.

LDS Church President Monson released from the hospital

Tracie Snowder and Tad Walch  |  Posted   Apr 6th - 7:44am

President Thomas S. Monson, the leader of the LDS Church, was released from the hospital Wednesday evening, according to a spokesman.

LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson hospitalized

Tad Walch  |  Posted   Apr 4th - 11:59pm

Two days after announcing five new temples and delivering a short talk at the LDS Church's 187th Annual General Conference, President Thomas S. Monson, 89, is in the hospital.

LDS General Conference blog: Sunday afternoon session  |  Posted   Apr 2nd - 4:10pm

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will hold the 187th Annual General Conference on March 25 and April 1-2. Follow along with this blog to get insight into the various addresses given throughout the conference.

A World Away: Into the Heart of Africa

Ashley Kewish and Ray Boone  |  Posted   Apr 2nd - 4:00pm

Click here to see KSL's full broadcast, documenting the work of a small group of Utahns trying to bring hope to one of the poorest countries in the world.

A site to see: Behind the scenes on Temple Square

Angie Denison  |  Posted   Apr 2nd - 1:30pm

Experience Temple Square like never before. We’ll take you behind the scenes of this fascinating tourist attraction. It’s a tour that will leave you wanting more.

How a call 'to the rescue' inspired Utahns in a year's worth of service to refugees

Candice Madsen  |  Posted   Apr 2nd - 12:30pm

It’s been one year since members of the LDS Church were called upon to reach out to refugees. See how this call to service has inspired many people to step outside their comfort zones to help those most in need.

Start a new trend: How to increase civility in your everyday conversation

Angie Denison  |  Posted   Apr 2nd - 12:00pm

Civility, or the lack of it, is a worldwide issue. The way we communicate has deteriorated horribly. Despite this trend toward negativity, there are voices working to change the communication — to make it more civil. We highlight these voices.

Mormons in the minority: A look at LDS life outside of Utah

Angie Denison  |  Posted   Apr 2nd - 11:30am

In Utah, Mormons are the majority. But what’s it like to live is a country where members are a rarity or where most people have never heard of Jesus Christ? Members in many lands share the story of conversion of people from various countries.

Latter-day Saints in Europe: faith, hope and charity

Candice Madsen  |  Posted   Apr 1st - 4:00pm

The beauty of Europe coupled with the power of music and faith come together in this one-hour special. Carole Mikita brings you the story of Latter-day Saints in Europe.

Lost in India: A Boy's Journey Home

Angie Denison  |  Posted   Apr 1st - 12:30pm

This documentary is about a boy from Southern India who was kidnapped from his family at a young age and ended up in a Christian orphanage. Taj Rowland was then adopted by a Utah family who knew nothing of the kidnapping. Follow his journey home.

Gift of Freedmen’s records helps African Americans connect to their roots

Keri Wilcox  |  Posted   Apr 1st - 12:00pm

The Freedmen’s Bureau Project has changed the very fabric of genealogy for African Americans. “Connecting Roots” explains the history behind this project and the personal stories about why this is so meaningful for so many families.

Special weekend programming on KSL TV

Angie Denison  |  Posted   Mar 31st - 3:10pm

This weekend, KSL-TV will suspend its regular daytime programming and, along with airing LDS General Conference, will air several inspiring, locally produced documentaries addressing a wide range of topics.

LDS Church releases Easter campaign focused on 'Prince of Peace'

Liesl Nielsen  |  Posted   Mar 31st - 10:53am

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released its annual Easter campaign called “Prince of Peace” early Friday.

A year later, 3 missionaries reflect on surviving Brussels attack

Sam Penrod  |  Posted   Mar 22nd - 11:15pm

Wednesday marked one year since the terrorist bombings in Brussels. Among the Americans caught in the attack were three LDS missionaries. All three Utahns reflected on the one-year anniversary when their lives were nearly lost.

Visiting Palmyra: Birthplace of the LDS Church

Sam Penrod  |  Posted   Mar 5th - 10:55pm

Two apostles for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints visited one of the earliest historic sites of the Church this weekend, but the small city is home to many places that remain central to LDS beliefs.

LDS Church leaders host online Face to Face discussion with youth

Sam Penrod  |  Posted   Mar 4th - 9:58pm

In a setting where some of the earliest events in LDS Church history occurred nearly two centuries ago, two apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held an interactive discussion with young church members Saturday.

Former LDS Church president's grandson lighting temples across the world

Carole Mikita  |  Posted   Feb 19th - 10:32pm

Former LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley created a temple building program unprecedented in the history of his faith. Now a family member is following in his footsteps.

LDS church announces new BYU-I president, new online higher education organization

Josh Furlong  |  Posted   Feb 7th - 6:39pm

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a new online, church-wide higher education organization Tuesday morning.