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KSL is required by the FCC to retain certain communications received from the public in its public inspection file. As a result, any communication sent to KSL via email or otherwise through the "Contact Us" section of the KSL.com website may be available to the public in that file.

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Combined Newsroom

To submit a story idea or tip to the combined newsroom for KSL TV/KSL Newsradio/KSL.com and the Deseret News, send an email to news@ksl.com. To reach the assignment desk or to report breaking news, call 801-575-5600. For general inquiries, call 801-575-5555.


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KSL.com News Team: web@ksl.com

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KSL Deals: deals@ksl.com

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General questions: support@ksl.com

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For advertising opportunities call 801-356-9077

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Weather Conditions: The current weather conditions are updated hourly.

  • (801) KSL-RAIN (801-575-7246)
  • (801) KSL-SNOW (801-575-7669)

Programming Info: KSL Programming Guide

Advertising (TV ONLY): Alan Blackburn: (801) 575-5838 or email ablack@ksl.com

Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-897-5465

Human Resources: 801-575-5777

Promotions: Stephanie Avis: (801) 575-5815

Engineering (TV ONLY): Kipp Green, Chief Engineer: (801) 575-5966


KSL NewsRadio

Main Contact Info:
KSL Newsradio 102.7FM 1160AM
5 Triad Center
55 North 3rd West
Salt Lake City, UT 84180-1109
Newsroom Fax: (801) 575-5560

Contests: (801) KSL-1160

On Air Numbers:
(801) 575-TALK
(801) 470-KSL1
(801) 670-KSL1

KSL Newsradio News Desk: (801) 575-6397

News Management: (801) 575-7681

Advertising (RADIO ONLY): Stephanie Palmer: (801) 575-5811 or email spalmer@ksl.com

Promotions: Ike Yospe: (801) 325-3120

Engineering (RADIO ONLY): Aaron Farnham, Chief Engineer: (801) 575-7629

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