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Elaborate crop circle draws crowds in California

01/01/2014 7:36am
The intricate design etched into a field of barley two hours south of San Francisco was spotted Monday morning by Julie Belanger, a photographer, as she and her husband were flying over.

Thief carries 250-pound safe out of Mass. eatery

01/01/2014 10:31am
Massachusetts police are searching for a strong-armed thief who carried a 250-pound safe out of a restaurant.

Groomers are dazzling up dogs with bling, bows

01/01/2014 2:48pm
For some dog owners, simple bathing and combing is not enough. So they pay groomers to turn fur into an artist's canvas, where vibrant sweeps of chalk and paint transform pooches into fantasy fur balls that draw both compliments and strange looks.

Mummers strut stuff at Philly New Year's parade

01/01/2014 3:51pm
Outrageously costumed and painted comic brigades and string bands have marched in Philadelphia in a Mardi Gras-like New Year's Day parade believed to be the nation's oldest folk festival.

Gigantic inflatable duck explodes in Taiwan

01/01/2014 7:50pm
New Year's Eve celebrations often involve dramatic displays, but the accidental explosion of a giant yellow duck in Taiwan will likely go down as one of the most unusual ever.