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Stolen car crashes, police search for driver

10/09/2013 7:14am
A stolen car crashed in the middle of the road. Police are searching for the driver, who fled.

Contractor gets 15 years for fraud, AG says

10/09/2013 7:29am
A St. George contractor will serve up to 15 years in prison for misappropriating money that a real-estate developer gave him to build houses.

Murray business hopes to survive nearby hotel construction

10/09/2013 7:50am
Some business owners in Murray say they're happy two new hotels are being built but the construction may be too much for them to survive.

Work at office v. home with kids: Which is more tiring?

10/09/2013 8:32am
Who is more exhausted at the end of the day, someone at the office or someone at home with the kids? Turns out the toughest job is with the kids, according to a new study.

60 witnesses interviewed, 3 subpoenas issued in Swallow probe

10/09/2013 8:56am
The Utah House committee investigating John Swallow closed its doors to the public for the first time Tuesday to talk about legal strategy in the case.

Man blames bathroom emergency for high-speed chase

10/09/2013 9:55am
A Utah man has been sentenced to seven days in jail after a high-speed chase that he blamed on a bathroom emergency.

NSA's Utah Data Center nearing final inspection

10/09/2013 10:19am
A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers team is in the final stages of inspecting the National Security Agency's sprawling Utah Data Center, including investigating recent electrical failures in the system.

Woman identified following accident with semitrailer

10/09/2013 10:30am
Mercedes Serrano, 26, was killed when she was run over by a semitrailer Tuesday.

The Junior League: Not just for women who wear pearls

10/09/2013 10:44am
Shelley Mortensen has considered becoming a member of the Junior League for several years. Yet each time she looks into it, she hesitates.

Despite shutdown, Salt Lake Co. jobs safe

10/09/2013 12:44pm
The salaries of some 343 employees of Salt Lake County are paid with partial support of the federal government, but no one's position is at risk in the wake of the government shutdown.

Utah welcomes one of nation's largest short-film festivals

10/09/2013 2:05pm
One of the largest short-film festivals in the nation will be coming to Salt Lake on Friday.

Midway man faces 7 felony charges for stalking ex-girlfriend

10/09/2013 3:03pm
An extreme case of stalking has lead prosecutors to file seven felony charges against a Midway resident.

Children step forward to support Red Fred Project

10/09/2013 3:35pm
Nathan Glad was sitting on the plaid couch in his home, surrounded by his siblings when he received a copy of the book he wrote. On its pages are experiences, expressions and dreams through the eyes of a little boy with a critical illness.

Fatal South Salt Lake fire still under investigation

10/09/2013 4:05pm
Investigators say they have more questions than answers in a fatal house fire Monday in South Salt Lake.

Utah Medicaid office garners $25M for budget

10/09/2013 6:19pm
Utah's Office of Inspector General of Medicaid Services recouped nearly $25 million this year in waste, abuse and potential fraud charges.

Woman stressed about funds for adoption after being furloughed

10/09/2013 6:47pm
A Utahn in the middle of an adopting a girl from Latvia has been furloughed due to the government shutdown, and she said she doesn't know how she will raise the money to complete the adoption.

Group to protest NSA data facility by removing roadside trash

10/09/2013 6:58pm
A group that opposes the National Security Agency and its policies has come up with an unusual way to spread its message — removing roadside garbage near the Utah Data Center.

Video shows 2nd robbery of Layton gas station within hours

10/09/2013 7:19pm
Just hours after arresting a man suspected of robbing a Layton gas station, another man allegedly robbed the same store.

It pays to monitor home data usage, woman discovers

10/09/2013 7:21pm
For years, cellphone users have had capped data plans. But limiting data and charging people based on how much they use has quietly spread to home Internet connections.

Police bust Mexican cartel meth ring in Park City, arrest 3

10/09/2013 7:31pm
A place most commonly known for its snow is now known for meth. Police busted a drug ring that ended with three arrests and found over 17 pounds of meth.

Victims fight to keep sex offender in prison after 20 year sentence

10/09/2013 8:03pm
Michael Doporto, convicted of molesting children 20 years ago, will face his accusers again Thursday to determine whether he will be released in November.

Grand Canyon tourists get glimpse at natural wonder, despite shutdown

10/09/2013 8:06pm
A lot of vacations are being ruined thanks to the nearly two-week-long government shutdown. But the owner of a lodge near the Grand Canyon is doing his best to help people get a glimpse of the natural wonder, no matter what the government says.

Homeowner hopes to catch car burglars by sharing video

10/09/2013 8:09pm
A homeowner whose vehicle was burglarized early Monday morning shared surveillance video with KSL News Wednesday in hopes it will help police catch the two thieves.

BYU invites public to view illuminated Bible

10/09/2013 8:49pm
A rare facsimile of the hand-written and illuminated St. John's Bible has been purchased by Brigham Young University and will be available for people to view later this month.

New health clinic created to treat autism spectrum disorder

10/09/2013 9:11pm
University of Utah Health Care recently revamped one of its clinics, now called the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic, to meet the growing needs of people from toddlers to adults with autism spectrum disorder — including 1 out of 47 children in Utah.

Religious leaders stage 'faithful filibuster' in hopes of ending shutdown

10/09/2013 9:34pm
Religious leaders frustrated by the federal budget deadlock are staging what they call a "faithful filibuster" across the street from the U.S. Capitol, reading the more than 2,000 Bible verses they say express God's concern for the poor.

Police arrest man with bloody hands; potential victim found nearby

10/09/2013 10:03pm
A man was arrested Wednesday after police found him with blood on his hands near a man laying on the sidewalk.

Company scores $20M contract to put more electric vehicles on the road

10/09/2013 10:22pm
A small Utah County company is about to make big strides in the automobile industry. They've put a new spin on electric vehicles, and this week scored a $20 million contract to take their idea to the next level.

Police investigate attempted abduction in South Salt Lake

10/09/2013 10:29pm
Police combed a South Salt Lake neighborhood Wednesday night investigating a possible abduction attempt after a 12-year-old girl said a man grabbed her and tried to pull her away with him.

Veterans may not receive benefit checks if gov't shutdown continues

10/09/2013 10:56pm
If the government shutdown does not end soon, the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs warned Congress Wednesday that five million veterans won't get their benefit checks November 1.

2 Utah cases of salmonella poisoning linked to nationwide outbreak

10/09/2013 10:56pm
The Utah Department of Health has identified two cases tied to the Foster Farms salmonella outbreak.

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