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'Precrastination' can be as bad as procrastination, study says

08/05/2014 9:34am
Do you get things done too early? If so, you might be a "precrastinator." A new study says that precrastinators, as opposed to procrastinators, often work harder without an apparent benefit.

Have You Seen This? Best space play ever

08/05/2014 1:15pm
A tech-savvy, mechanically minded dad made arguably the most intensely immersive space play for his two sons. It will amaze.

More women needed in STEM jobs

08/05/2014 6:33pm
It's been more than half a century since national pride and economics began to drive the effort to get more young Americans interested in studying science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM.

Shoes give directions with vibrating soles

08/05/2014 8:25pm
With a new pair of shoes, looking down at your smartphone for directions while walking could become unnecessary.