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Utah unemployment rate lower than it’s ever been

Jasen Lee, KSL  |  Posted Jan 24th - 7:11pm

Because workers have so many choices, employers will have to make more of an effort to retain quality talent than in previous years.

Volunteers walk the streets to count Utah’s homeless population

Wendy Leonard, KSL  |  Posted Jan 24th - 6:29pm

At 4 a.m., the city streets are mostly quiet.

Trial highlights: Dems cry cover-up, Trump hails activists

Matthew Daly, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 5:51pm

From the floor of the Senate, Democratic impeachment prosecutors said Friday that President Donald Trump tried to cover up his actions with Ukraine, another reason to remove him from office.

GOP shows little desire for witnesses ahead of critical vote

Mary Clare Jalonick and Andrew Taylor, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 4:13pm

Republicans in the Senate appear unmoved by the Democratic push for witnesses in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial despite persistent appeals from Rep. Adam Schiff and the other House prosecutors.

Trump touts logo for new Space Force, with nod to Star Trek

Robert Burns, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 3:48pm

The Pentagon's new U.S. Space Force is not Star Trek's Starfleet Command, but their logos bear a striking similarity.

House is given tape of Trump calling for ambassador's ouster

Jonathan Lemire and Alison Kodjak, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 3:36pm

An associate of Rudy Giuliani has provided congressional investigators with a recording of President Donald Trump saying he wanted to get rid of the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, whose ouster emerged as an issue in the president’s impeachment, his attorney told The Associated Press on Friday.

Campaign crunch time forces progressives to eye private jets

Will Weissert and Ellen Knickmeyer, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 2:15pm

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have spent the past year courting the Democratic Party's base with appeals to the working class and sweeping promises to curb climate change. But as they balance their responsibilities to participate in the Senate's impeachment trial and rally voters on the campaign trail, they're turning to private air travel, an option typically reserved for the elite and criticized as environmentally unfriendly.

Who’s really behind Trump impeachment? Mike Lee says it’s the ‘deep state’

Dennis Romboy, KSL  |  Posted Jan 24th - 1:44pm

After two days of House prosecutors making their case against President Donald Trump, one of Utah’s senators said he believes more than ever the impeachment trial a product of the “deep state.”

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's false assurance about troops in Iraq

Calvin Woodward, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 1:33pm

At first, President Donald Trump stated inaccurately that no U.S. troops were injured in the Iranian missile attack against them in Iraq. Then he prematurely minimized those injuries as doctors tried to determine how severe they were.

Pentagon: 34 US troops had brain injuries from Iran's strike

Robert Burns, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 11:52am

The Pentagon said Friday that 34 U.S. troops were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries suffered in this month's Iranian missile strike on an Iraqi air base, and that half of the troops have returned to their military duties.

Tweets urge calls to Supreme Court for fair Senate trial

Mark Sherman, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 11:15am

The Supreme Court doesn't have a public comment line for its own work, much less the Senate's.

Pompeo heads to Ukraine next week to meet with president

Matthew Lee, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 9:41am

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Ukraine next week, making his first trip to the country at the heart of President Donald Trump's impeachment.

Warren vows her organization will win primary, beat Trump

Will Weissert, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 9:15am

Elizabeth Warren says she has more than 1,000 campaign staffers in 31 states and 100-plus field offices, a show of organizational strength her campaign promises will lift her to the Democratic presidential nomination and hurt President Donald Trump's chances in key battlegrounds in November.

Study links impeachment beliefs to regular news diets

David Bauder, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 8:02am

For many Americans, how they feel about issues raised during President Donald Trump's impeachment has much to do with where they get their news.

Career Border Patrol official picked to lead agency

Colleen Long and Elliot Spagat, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 7:56am

The Trump administration on Friday named a 27-year Border Patrol veteran who has forcefully advocated for the president's agenda to lead the agency after a surge of asylum-seeking families led to increased scrutiny and unprecedented turmoil on the Mexican border.

1st Utah governor debate of the season will be held in 1 week at tech summit

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted Jan 24th - 7:45am

The top six candidates for Utah governor will spar in debate on the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit stage.

Matteo Salvini seeks power in Rome through regional victory

Colleen Barry, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 6:53am

Matteo Salvini is betting that the road to Rome runs through Emilia-Romagna.

Poll: Many in US support Trump decision to kill Iran general

Ben Fox and Emily Swanson, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 6:00am

A new poll shows Americans are more likely than not to support President Donald Trump’s decision to order a drone strike that killed an Iranian general, even amid widespread skepticism about his foreign policy overall.

Pentagon: 34 US troops diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries from Iranian missile strike Jan. 8 on Iraqi air base

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 24th - 10:28am

Pentagon: 34 US troops diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries from Iranian missile strike Jan. 8 on Iraqi air base.