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Did Louisiana football success boost Edwards? Couldn’t hurt.

Melinda Deslatte, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 4:51pm

In picking apart Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ reelection victory in the red state of Louisiana, analysts talk of cross-party voters, the get-out-the-vote effort in New Orleans and the Donald Trump factor. But in a year when both the LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints appear headed to the playoffs, did Edwards also get an edge from the football factor?

2019 Takeaways: Suburb shift, high turnout and ‘Socialism!’

Bill Barrow and Melinda Deslatte, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 4:22pm

Odd-year elections in Louisiana, Kentucky and Virginia have let Democrats expand their footprint in Southern states where Republicans dominated not long ago.

Wyoming aims for accurate census count of Native residents

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 3:44pm

Wyoming state and tribal officials are working to ensure Native Americans are accurately counted in the 2020 Census.

Family: Boy on life support after San Diego murder-suicide

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 3:11pm

Family members say a 9-year-old San Diego boy who survived an apparent murder-suicide that left his parents and three brothers dead is on life support.

Seized placenta to be used in South Dakota rape case

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 2:57pm

A placenta sample taken from an abortion clinic without a warrant will be used as evidence in a statutory rape trial in South Dakota.

Report: Prosecutor used daughter as bait to catch molester

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 2:41pm

A Northern California prosecutor used his 13-year-old daughter to lure a man back to the spot where she said he had molested her, so the man’s incriminating actions could be recorded on video, according to a newspaper report Sunday.

Federal charges link New Jersey man to synagogue vandalism

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 12:40pm

A New Jersey man faces allegations he conspired to carry out spray paint vandalism attacks two months ago against synagogues in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Palestinian journalist may lose eye after shot by Israel

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 11:48am

Relatives say a Palestinian freelance photographer has lost vision in one eye after apparently being struck by Israeli fire while covering a demonstration in the occupied West Bank.

Kanye West talks about serving God during visit with Osteen

Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 11:36am

Rapper Kanye West told parishioners at Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch on Sunday that his recent spiritual awakening has made him realize he’s no longer in the service to fame and money but “in service to God.”

Woman pleads not guilty in Wyoming knife death

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 11:33am

A 21-year-old woman has pleaded not guilty to two counts of manslaughter in the stabbing death of a man in Fremont County last month.

Spokane County sees increase in domestic violence cases

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 11:13am

Spokane County is seeing an increase in people seeking legal protection orders because of domestic violence.

Syracuse suspends fraternity after report of racial slur

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 10:40am

An African American student at Syracuse University reported being called a racial slur over the weekend, prompting the college to suspend a fraternity Sunday and shut down social activities for all other fraternities for the rest of the semester pending an investigation.

Vigil planned for victims of California school shooting

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 10:28am

A candlelight vigil is planned Sunday evening to remember two students shot and killed by a classmate at his Southern California high school as investigators try to determine what prompted the deadly attack that left three other teens wounded.

Utah driver accused of DUI, automobile homicide after crash

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 10:20am

Police in Salt Lake City say a driver has been arrested on suspicion of automobile homicide and DUI after a car accident killed a 5-year-old boy.

Americans take pride in local news, but most are unwilling to pay for it, study finds

Brian Stelter, CNN Business  |  Posted Nov 17th - 10:09am

There is a "market failure" in the local news business, a new report suggests, because "even though Americans tend to view local news as a community asset, most are not personally helping to keep it viable."

Trump, impeachment could loom large in Sen. Collins’ race

David Sharp, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 9:51am

Republican Sen. Susan Collins has a well-funded Democrat prepping to challenge her next year. She has national women’s groups ready to attack her over her vote for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh. And she’s a moderate facing an electorate that increasingly prioritizes purity.

Democrats invite Trump to testify in impeachment inquiry

Jill Colvin, Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 9:36am

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited President Donald Trump to testify in front of investigators in the House impeachment inquiry ahead of a week that will see several key witnesses appear publicly.

Trial goes to larger courtroom for man charged in 8 killings

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 9:16am

A Mississippi judge is moving the trial of a man charged with killing a sheriff’s deputy and seven other people.

Gunman still at large after killing outside Chicago school

The Associated Press  |  Posted Nov 17th - 8:46am

Authorities are still searching for a man who allegedly shot and killed his daughter’s mother’s new boyfriend of outside of a Chicago elementary school.