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Windsurfer unhurt, but spent a night in waters off Delaware

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 3:26pm

A windsurfer spent a night stranded and floating in waters off Delaware after his sail broke and no one could hear his calls for help.

Fifth victim in Chicago apartment shooting dies

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 3:22pm

A fifth person has died from wounds suffered in a shooting at an apartment building on Chicago's Northwest Side.

11 hurt after car crashes into hayride in northern Illinois

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 2:59pm

A northern Illinois woman has been ticketed for driving her car into a hayride wagon carrying 14 adult passengers, injuring 11 of them.

Queen Latifah to receive Harvard black culture award

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 2:17pm

Music artist and actress Queen Latifah is among the honorees being recognized by Harvard University this year for their contributions to black history and culture.

Family ends search for missing CEO after a body is found

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 1:42pm

The family of a missing Utah tech executive has called off a search for her after police reported that a body was found inside a parked car in the San Francisco Bay Area.

No one hurt in Canadian acrobatic jet crash at US air show

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 12:19pm

The Royal Canadian Air Force says one of its pilots is safe after he had to eject from his plane just before an aerobatics show in the United States.

Firefighters make progress on Southern California wildfire

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 12:17pm

Cooler temperatures and higher humidity levels are helping firefighters advance against a California wildfire that scorched San Fernando Valley hills and forced thousands to evacuate from their homes.

Five things to know about Costco's $4.99 rotisserie chickens

Nathaniel Meyersohn, CNN Business  |  Posted Oct 13th - 11:48am

Costco is willing to go to extreme lengths to keep its prized rotisserie chickens at $4.99.

10-year-old dies after being ejected from festival ride

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 11:26am

Authorities say a 10-year-old girl has died after plunging from an amusement park ride at a harvest festival in southern New Jersey over the weekend.

Effort to nix English immersion in Arizona finds support

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 10:56am

Nearly two decades after getting Arizona voters' approval, a law mandating an English-only education for non-native speakers may get repealed in 2020.

6 grizzly bears killed in single week in northwest Montana

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 10:49am

Early snowstorms in northwest Montana have contributed to the deaths of five grizzly bears in one week on the Rocky Mountain Front.

'Friends' of Mitt Romney create site selling merch, encouraging Utah senator to run against Trump

Graham Dudley,  |  Posted Oct 13th - 10:43am

Mitt Romney said there is "no circumstance I can conceive of that would have me running for national office again.” Some Republicans are still trying to change his mind.

Split GOP tries to unite in Louisiana governor's race runoff

Melinda Deslatte, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 10:27am

Republican leaders working to oust the Deep South's only Democratic governor were trying Sunday to put their intraparty backbiting behind them ahead of Louisiana's November runoff election, needing a united focus if they want to keep John Bel Edwards from a second term.

Orville Wright bust stolen from North Carolina monument

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 10:23am

The National Park Service says a copper bust of aviation pioneer Orville Wright has been stolen from the Wright Brothers National Memorial in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Voters weary of more investigations as impeachment ramps up

Sara Burnett, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 10:15am

As Democrats' impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump intensifies, Mark Stenske feels like he's seen this movie before, and the storyline is getting old.

'Joker' tops box office again, beats 'Addams Family'

Lindsey Bahr, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 10:14am

The first weekend was no fluke: "Joker" is a hit.

Tropical Storm Melissa moving into open Atlantic Ocean

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 9:30am

Tropical Storm Melissa is moving away from the U.S. East Coast into the open Atlantic Ocean.

Bicyclist completes solo ride of entire Pony Express Trail

The Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 9:24am

Jan Bennett learned a lot of lessons on her solo bicycle ride across the entire 2,220-mile (3,572-kilometer) Pony Express Trail from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California.

Ambassador to testify no quid pro quo assurance was Trump's

Eric Tucker, Mary Clare Jalonick and Lisa Mascaro, Associated Press  |  Posted Oct 13th - 9:17am

A U.S. ambassador is expected to tell Congress that his text message reassuring another envoy that there was no quid pro quo in their interactions with Ukraine was based solely on what President Donald Trump told him, according to a person familiar with his coming testimony in the impeachment probe.