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What I wish my husband knew about my mood swings

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Aug 5th - 3:00pm

Mood swings are a normal part of life for women, but that doesn't mean it's a pleasant experience. This is what women wish their husbands knew about mood swings.

Children and serious sports injuries: What parents need to know

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Aug 1st - 8:00am

On any given Saturday, many parents across the globe spend their mornings sitting on the sidelines while their children play sports. But if something goes wrong, parents need to know how to treat and respond to a child's injury.

7 reasons summer physicals are essential

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Jul 11th - 9:00pm

While summer heats up, millions of people across the nation are simmering down from school-year schedules and demands. This season of downtime is a great time to schedule your family's annual physical exams.

What I wish my husband knew about breastfeeding

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Jul 8th - 3:00pm

Having a baby is a crucial turning point in a woman's life. Breastfeeding is a whole new experience for mom and baby, and while her husband can't do breastfeed for her, there are some things he should know about it.

What I wish my husband knew about being a new mom

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Jun 3rd - 3:00pm

Whether you’re a first-time mom or an experienced mother, you’re bound to go through some significant changes when the new baby arrives. A new mom needs to communicate clearly with her husband so he understands how to best take care of her.

What I wish my husband knew when intimacy is painful

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted May 6th - 8:40am

While intercourse between husband and wife is supposed to be a special, important part of a relationship, sometimes a medical issue occurs that makes it painful for the wife.

Why neck and back problems are so common and when to seek help

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Apr 22nd - 3:00pm

Neck and back pain strikes men and women of all ages regardless of ethnicity, employment or medical history. Chronic back pain is so common it has been identified as the leading cause of disability worldwide.

What I wish my husband knew about menopause

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Apr 8th - 8:00am

When that childbearing capacity takes a turn into menopause territory, suddenly, both husband and wife are likely on strange and unfamiliar new ground. Here are some things to know.

Why are my kids still sick?

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Mar 18th - 3:00pm

When you have young children, it can feel like someone is always sick. As a result, parents might wonder whether their children are sick too often and whether certain symptoms could indicate something more serious.

What I wish my husband knew about PAP tests

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Mar 4th - 8:00am

Whether you are a woman needing a resource to help you discuss PAP tests with your husband, or you are a husband wanting to know what to expect when your wife gets a PAP test, the following information is a crash course on this important exam.

Top health issues impacting Utah women (some might surprise you)

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Feb 22nd - 9:00pm

Approximately 3.1 million people live in Utah, and about half of them are women. Health issues affecting them affect the state, significantly. The following facts and stats offer an at-a-glance perspective on women’s health in Utah.

What I wish my husband knew about my monthly cycle

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Feb 4th - 3:00pm

Women's bodies all go through the menstrual cycle every month for about 30-40 years. Here are some things women would like the men in their lives to understand about this natural but often hush-hush process.

Mexico surgery complications highlight benefits of quality local care

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Jan 28th - 3:21pm

A potentially deadly superbug has infected at least a dozen people in several states after they had surgery in Mexico. Patients seeking discounted procedures sometimes find themselves facing severe complications.

Obesity is a problem among Utah children: What we can do

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Jan 7th - 3:00pm

Almost 1 in 5 American children is obese, according to the CDC. While childhood obesity rates in Utah have gone down, they are still too high.

Holiday binge eating increases health risks

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Dec 5th - 3:00pm

Feeling bloated and overindulged can put a serious damper on your holiday spirit, so how do you break the cycle? Here are six tips to help you enjoy the end of this year without any regrets.

6 hidden dangers from untreated varicose veins

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Nov 29th - 8:00am

Varicose veins are not only painful; they can be dangerous. Here are five dangers of letting your varicose veins go untreated.

How you can meet with your OBGYN from your own home

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Nov 11th - 8:30am

Women who live far away from their OB could benefit from virtual visits.

These 4 mistakes can keep you from your daily run

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Nov 8th - 2:25pm

Making these simple, yet avoidable, mistakes can keep you from your running routine.

5 secrets to avoid choosing the wrong health insurance plan

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Oct 29th - 9:12am

When choosing a health insurance plan, don't assume the cheapest option will be the most affordable. Here are some things to keep in mind before making your decision.