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5 dishes you can't miss at Little America's Coffee Shop

Little America's Coffee Shop  |  Posted Jun 29th - 7:18pm

If you haven't tried these dishes yet, you're missing out on some delicious, local food.

Got voter FOMO? Here’s how you can still vote in tomorrow’s primary

Vance Checketts, Dsco Ceo for Huntsman for Governor 2020  |  Posted Jun 29th - 3:00pm

Many people don’t even realize they still have a chance to vote. With polls showing the race is a virtual tie, there’s no excuse to sit this one out. Every vote matters.

5 outdoor activities your family will love (safely) all summer long

Utah Olympic Park  |  Posted Jun 29th - 8:00am

Think outside of the box to keep things fresh during the summer months.

5 ways one Utah charter school provides stability in a time of educational crisis

Paradigm School  |  Posted Jun 28th - 7:00pm

Students and their parents are trying to figure out how to approach a new school year. These are the top advantages to choosing a charter school in a changing world.

Why COVID-19 doesn’t scare this Utah school

Lumen Scholar Institute  |  Posted Jun 28th - 3:00pm

Being prepared for the unknown is what this school has been doing all along.

Nationally recognized free Utah preschool accepting new students

Utah Community Action  |  Posted Jun 28th - 8:00am

Enroll your child in one of the state's best preschools—completely free.

Get your family a private school-like education for free

Lumen Scholar Institute  |  Posted Jun 27th - 3:00pm

This school offers free education that rivals a private school experience.

Honda Test Drive: The best car for any group's Odyssey

Emily Swenson  |  Posted Jun 27th - 8:00am

This isn't your ordinary mom car.

More than 100 business and community leaders endorse Jon Huntsman

Huntsman for Governor 2020  |  Posted Jun 26th - 7:09pm

The Huntsman/Kaufusi Campaign released a list Thursday of more than 100 business and community leaders in Utah who are backing him in the June 30 Republican gubernatorial primary.

Top 3 reasons Jon Huntsman is the clear choice as Utah’s next governor

Amanda Smith, Former Director Of The Utah Department Of Environmental Quality  |  Posted Jun 25th - 8:05am

The Former Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics gives three reasons Utahns should vote for Jon Huntsman for Utah's next governor.

5 reasons to unplug at Jackson Hole this summer, including the best place to stay

Flat Creek Inn  |  Posted Jun 24th - 7:00pm

Besides the cool mountain air and the short drive, you'll love Jackson Hole for these (and many more) reasons.

4 reasons now is the best time of year to buy a ski season pass

Snowbasin  |  Posted Jun 24th - 3:00pm

Enjoy Snowbasin's 3,000 skiable acres in the winter and summer with their season pass deal.

Utah couple struggling with infertility have a child, thanks to men's health specialist

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Jun 23rd - 3:00pm

When one Utah couple tried unsuccessfully to become pregnant, they assumed the problem was with the wife. When they discovered otherwise, experts at Men's Health at U of U Health were able to diagnose the problem and find a solution.

New poll shows Spencer Cox leads race to be next Utah governor

Cox for Governor  |  Posted Jun 22nd - 3:16pm

Utah gubernatorial candidate Spencer Cox holds a 6-point lead over former governor and current challenger Jon Huntsman, according to a recent poll by Y2 Analytics.

8 Utah historic figures who struck it rich

Robert J. DeBry & Associates  |  Posted Jun 22nd - 8:00am

Utah is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and healthy economy, but that isn't a recent development for Utahns. These are the stories of some historic figures from Utah who found their fortunes.

5 tips for staying mentally healthy during COVID-19, times of uncertainty

Healthy Mind Matters  |  Posted Jun 21st - 8:00am

Here are five tips from the experts at Intermountain Healthcare that can help you and your loved ones stay mentally healthy during these times of uncertainty.

In memory of dad: How to honor your late father on Father’s Day

Thememories  |  Posted Jun 20th - 3:00pm

Father's Day can be a melancholy reminder of loss for many people. Here's how you can honor dad instead.

23 cars on KSL Cars that are ideal for road trips this summer

Brian Champagne for KSL Cars  |  Posted Jun 20th - 7:30am

You'll find a car for every budget and family size.

In Utah's tight housing market, shopping for homes virtually can give buyers an edge

Woodside Homes  |  Posted Jun 19th - 7:00pm

Homebuilders must have these virtual tools to keep an upper hand in the current market.