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How a $69, 15-minute scan can save your life

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Sep 20th - 3:00pm

Take advantage of all that modern-day technology has to give. Take 15 minutes and $69, and stop guessing at how healthy your heart is — you deserve to know.

4 tips to help nurses find balance in work and life

Eagle Gate College  |  Posted Sep 20th - 8:00am

Like with any career, establishing a good work-life balance as a nurse can be challenging. Here are some tips on how nurses can improve their work-life balance.

12 fascinating facts about the carpet you walk on each day

Giant Carpet One  |  Posted Sep 19th - 8:00am

Chances are you don't know some unique and interesting qualities about the carpet you walk on every day.

5 ways to ease your aching back

Steward Health Care  |  Posted Sep 18th - 3:00pm

In years past, many back pain solutions were costly and invasive, but this is no longer the case. Here are five innovative ways to relieve back pain so you can enjoy life.

7 common and surprising things that can ruin your teeth

Stubbs Dental  |  Posted Sep 18th - 8:00am

Most people know that sweets and a lack of brushing are bad for your teeth, but what other things might cause tooth damage, whether by decay or something else? Here are seven common things to watch for that can ruin your teeth.

Cosmo, Swoop, Big Blue and more: facts about Utah college mascots

Robert J. DeBry & Associates  |  Posted Sep 17th - 8:00am

Score some serious points this football season with these interesting and fun trivia facts about some of Utah’s most famous mascots and where they got their beginnings.

How Utah's tech industry is churning out job opportunities

Devmountain  |  Posted Sep 15th - 7:38am

Utah's tech industry is booming. Here are some specific reasons why.

5 ways businesses can rise above their competition

Better Business Bureau Of Utah  |  Posted Sep 14th - 8:00am

In this highly competitive market, it's important to have your business stand out. Here are five ways that will help your business rise above the competition.

Favorite Utah fall activities you don't want to miss

Salt Lake Chamber  |  Posted Sep 13th - 8:00am

Those crackling, crisp sounds and cool air signal a welcome arrival — fall. Celebrate those golden colors with some golden memory-making. Here are some favorite Utah fall activities to help you get the most out of this pumpkin-scented season.

7 careers in high demand in Utah

KSL Jobs  |  Posted Sep 12th - 3:00pm

The Department of Workforce Services has slipped us a list of seven of the most in-demand jobs in Utah.

3 common misconceptions about health insurance

Sep 12th - 8:20am

While it may not be glitzy or exciting, health care coverage is a fundamental topic of being an adult. Here are some common misconceptions that arise when people talk about health insurance.

Experience and training saves newborn lives at U of U hospital

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted Sep 11th - 3:14pm

The heart of the NICU at the University of Utah hospital is the staff providing excellent care for babies and parents alike. For 50 years they have gone above and beyond for both, making the unit a second home during a difficult time.

These factors are key to preventing suicide among LGBTQ youths

Healthy Mind Matters  |  Posted Sep 10th - 8:00am

Health providers are frontline responders when a LGBTQ youth is contemplating suicide. Bring the topic up to your family doctor — they should be ready to help.

Top 5 reasons for a fall vacation in West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone  |  Posted Sep 8th - 8:00am

Autumn offers a unique travel experience at America's first national park. Here are the top reasons you need to visit Yellowstone National Park this fall.

Fall fun in Park City

Park City Convention & Visitors Bureau  |  Posted Sep 7th - 10:55am

Winter is king in Park City, and summer offers countless diversions, but what about the fall season? Here are 10 ways to spice up your favorite time of year — pumpkin spice season!

80 totally gnarly reasons to motor over to the Utah State Fair

Utah State Fair  |  Posted Sep 6th - 3:12pm

It’s time to turn back the clock, pull out your parachute pants and get righteous at the 2018 Utah State Fair, Sept. 6-16.

10 famous Utah bloggers you need to know about

Robert J. DeBry & Associates  |  Posted Sep 6th - 8:15am

Utah has no shortage of bloggers. Here are eight of the best that you should be reading.

5 common 401(k) mistakes you're probably making

Strategic Planning Group  |  Posted Sep 5th - 8:05am

Saving for retirement? Make the most of your hard-earned contributions by avoiding these common mistakes.

12 incredible photos taken in Utah this summer  |  Posted Sep 4th - 3:00pm

Below is a small sample of summer stunners, all kindly provided by some gifted photogs. Make sure to use #youtah on the IG for a chance to be featured in our next photo roundup!

6 surprising ways to live longer

Mountainstar Healthcare  |  Posted Sep 4th - 8:00am

Here are six ways to achieve physical and mental balance and put more meaningful years ahead of you.