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Coach Kim: Tips for taking on the complex role of 'stepfather'

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 27th - 7:00am

In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim addresses the challenges of being a stepfather and how to manage your complex role.

Blues artist, friends spread ‘hug someone today’ message around northern Utah

Mike Anderson, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 25th - 11:18am

In recent months, the simple, positive messages have been popping up in Weber County, especially around Ogden. The simple paper posters that read, ‘Hug Someone Today,’ were the idea of 19-year-old blues artist, Sammy Brue. Brue said he came up with it at around 4 a.m. one morning.

A proactive approach to finding a mentor — in 5 easy steps

Nicole Carpenter, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 24th - 7:49pm

Surveys show 76% of people feel mentors are important, yet less than half of those surveyed actually have a mentor. Here are five things you can do to find the perfect mentor for you and make the most of your relationship.

This frozen lake looks like the inside of a kaleidoscope

Mallory Hughes, CNN  |  Posted Jan 24th - 10:59am

This drone footage captured over a frozen lake in northwest China looks like the inside of a kaleidoscope.

Keep it simple: 4 small lifestyle changes that will improve your health

Danielle Billat, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 23rd - 8:35pm

Instead of starting another diet, try making simple changes to your lifestyle to improve your overall health. This article has four tips from a dietitian to help make starting the year off on a healthy note a little easier.

'The Honey': 1964½ Ford Mustang serves as memory maker, storyteller for Utah family

Jeff Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 23rd - 5:14pm

Cars themselves seldom tell a story on their own. The 1964½ Ford Mustang coupe, however, is a classic car that oozes charisma and character all while telling its own unique story.

Coat design isn't just saving lives — it's launching new careers for homeless people

Story By Holly Yan, CNN Photographs By Brittany Greeson for CNN  |  Posted Jan 21st - 2:27pm

In the shadows of Detroit's tallest skyscrapers, dozens of homeless people shiver in the 17-degree cold.

Rare coin featuring abdicated King Edward VIII sells for record $1.3 million

Sara Spary, CNN  |  Posted Jan 21st - 10:45am

A rare coin featuring Britain's King Edward VIII, who abdicated to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson, has sold for a record £1 million ($1.3 million).

Coach Kim: How to not be the 'evil stepmother'

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 20th - 7:05am

In this part two of the blended families series, Coach Kim explains the challenges that surround being a stepmother and shares some tips for making the role easier.

Couple together for nearly 65 years die on the same day

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 19th - 7:24am

A couple who had been together for nearly 65 years have died on the same day at a St. Louis-area nursing home.

CDC: 7 people under age 18 died of the flu last week; 39 children total this season so far

Elizabeth Cohen, Senior Medical Correspondent, CNN  |  Posted Jan 18th - 5:14pm

On Christmas Day, 16-year-old Kaylee Roberts opened presents at her aunt's house in suburban Cleveland, joyfully celebrating the holiday and laughing with her cousins.

US adults who binge drink are drinking even more, study says

Shelby Lin Erdman, CNN  |  Posted Jan 18th - 3:37pm

Adults in the United States who binge drink are consuming even more alcohol per binging episode, according to a new study published Thursday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

King Tut's treasures are headed to Boston for the first time in 50 years

Leah Asmelash, CNN  |  Posted Jan 18th - 11:37am

A traveling collection of King Tut's treasures has already visited some of the world's biggest cities: Paris, Los Angeles and London.

Utah couple travels to Rio de Janeiro to help revitalize art center

Dan Rascon, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 17th - 11:05am

When the two wanted to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary and Sunny’s 40th birthday, they chose the colorful and lively Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Burnout linked to potentially deadly irregular heartbeat, study says

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Jan 15th - 4:45pm

If you're feeling bone-deep mental and physical exhaustion, or what is otherwise known as burnout, new research suggests you could be at a higher risk for a potentially fatal heart flutter.

An easy New Year's resolution: Eat more pantry dinners. Here's how

Rebecca Clyde  |  Posted Jan 14th - 8:37pm

Instead of feeling like a failure and grabbing takeout when you'd rather make something at home, use up what you've already got in your kitchen to throw together a quick and easy dinner that won't feel like it was plan B. Here's how you can do that.

Man locked inside Sandy 24 Hour Fitness is 'free at last'

Merritt Jewel,  |  Posted Jan 14th - 4:18pm

Dan Hill's wife told him to "find a comfortable place to sleep" after discovering he was stuck inside the 24 Hour Fitness gym in Sandy over the weekend.

#EscapeTheVape, Tiktok, trick shots: Teens, young adults destroying their e-cigarettes to prove a point

Merritt Jewel,  |  Posted Jan 14th - 2:41pm

A social media campaign started by the Truth Initiative has inspired teens and young adults to find creative ways to destroy their e-cigarette products and quit vaping altogether.

US drinking more now than before Prohibition

Mike Stobbe, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 14th - 1:47pm

Americans are drinking more now than when Prohibition was enacted. What’s more, it’s been rising for two decades, and it’s not clear when it will fall again.