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Cutting salt likely to prevent future heart disease, even if you're not at risk now

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Feb 27th - 8:44pm

Heart disease is the number one killer of people worldwide.

'Dracula' will kick off Ballet West 2020-21 season in October

Lauren Bennett,  |  Posted Feb 27th - 8:25pm

“Our dancers are great athletes, artists, and storytellers, and the 20/21 season will highlight and underline their talents,” said Adam Sklute, Ballet West artistic director.

Wine subscription bill advances in Senate; increases selection of wine

Cami Mondeaux, KSL Newsradio  |  Posted Feb 27th - 10:37am

A bill allowing residents to have a wine subscription to clubs that sell wine not available in the state passed the Senate Business and Labor Committee Tuesday with a unanimous vote.

How to encourage a loved one to seek help if you suspect an eating disorder

Emily Fonnesbeck, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 26th - 1:45pm

It's hard to know how to approach a loved one you suspect may be struggling with an eating disorder. Here are some things specialists suggest you keep in mind when you do.

Salt Lake airport looking for artists to help with tunnel vision

Jed Boal, KSL TV  |  Posted Feb 25th - 11:03am

Team leaders are looking for mural artists to paint a tunnel that will connect the two concourses when the new Salt Lake City International Airport opens in less than seven months.

Coach Kim: No one can make you upset but yourself

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 24th - 7:00am

This edition of LIFEadvice is about processing offenses in a more healthy way and taking back your power through changing your beliefs.

Benefits (and some surprising science) about owning a pet

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Feb 23rd - 10:13pm

Snuggling next to my kitties while their furry chests softly rumble is a proven antidote to the day's stress.

The health benefits of a random act of kindness

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Feb 21st - 10:46am

This year, "Random Acts of Kindness" Day fell on Monday, but the foundation behind it wants you to consider being kind every day.

5 tips to help prevent eating disorders in children

Devrie Pettit, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 20th - 8:31pm

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week begins next week; specialists around the country aim to provide education and understanding so that more individuals, especially caregivers, can identify the warning signs and symptoms of eating disorders.

Struggling to quit sugar? You might not be sleeping enough

Kristen Rogers, CNN  |  Posted Feb 18th - 8:28pm

If you find yourself eating too much added sugar and unhealthy fats, it might be because you're not getting enough sleep, according to a study published Monday in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Study: Later bedtime linked with obesity for children under 6

Katie Hunt, CNN  |  Posted Feb 18th - 12:17pm

A new study has linked a later bedtime with an increased risk of obesity for kids, although the researchers say parents shouldn't rush to put their preschoolers to sleep earlier as a result.

Coach Kim: Signs you are being overly critical and how to stop

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 18th - 7:00am

In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim shares the problems that show up when you are overly critical and some tips for changing this behavior.

Women who have general anesthesia during C-sections are more likely to experience postpartum depression, study finds

Harmeet Kaur, CNN  |  Posted Feb 15th - 8:51pm

Women who have general anesthesia during C-sections are significantly more likely to experience severe postpartum depression resulting in hospitalization, suicidal thoughts or self-harm, according to a study published last week.

2 steps to balance sweet treats and healthy foods this Valentine's Day

Danielle Billat, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 13th - 8:33pm

This Valentine's Day, enjoy a fun heart-themed dinner while maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. Here are two steps to help you have a more healthy and balanced diet this Valentine's Day and throughout the rest of the year.

By 2060, a quarter of US residents will be over age 65

Mike Schneider, Associated Press  |  Posted Feb 13th - 3:15pm

By 2060, almost a quarter of all U.S. residents will be over age 65, and life expectancy will reach an all-time high of 85 years, according to new reports the U.S. Census Bureau released Thursday.

Keeping a plant on your desk can reduce workplace stress, study says

Kristen Rogers, CNN  |  Posted Feb 13th - 11:41am

Having a hard day at work? Stressed out about deadlines or bosses or meetings? It may help to stare at a plant, according to researchers from Japan.

5 tips to make cooking for 1 easy

Rebecca Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Feb 11th - 8:01pm

There are a lot of people who are regularly cooking for one. Doing so is heard enough, and most recipes and cooking tips don't make the task any easier. Here are five tips to make cooking for one easier and more enjoyable.

Got a story about love or heartbreak? We want to hear it

Yvette Cruz,  |  Posted Feb 11th - 3:30pm

To celebrate Valentine's Day this week, we're asking readers to share their stories of love, heartbreak and recovery. We'll feature our favorites on this Friday.

JetBlue celebrates 20 years in the air with $20 one-way fares

Stacey Lastoe, CNN  |  Posted Feb 11th - 1:18pm

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, JetBlue is having a sale.