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3 Sundance Film Festival movies suitable for kids

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jan 24th - 4:05pm

The Sundance Film Festival is once again collaborating with the Utah Film Center to provide some options for young movie buffs during this year’s festival.

EPA awards Utah $434K for testing lead in schools, childcare facilities

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jan 22nd - 9:09pm

The EPA awarded Utah's environmental quality department $434K to pay for lead testing in the water of Utah schools and childcare facilities.

10-year-old Utahn wins $1K scholarship for growing 15-pound cabbage

Arianne Brown, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 22nd - 8:47pm

On Jan. 13, Stansbury Park Elementary School student Claire Mansfield received a $1,000 scholarship for growing a giant cabbage. Here's why and how she did it.

Arianne Brown: A 'mom' wardrobe is nothing to be ashamed of

Arianne Brown, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 22nd - 12:15pm

As I took my kids to school in my gray sweats, lime green shirt, rainbow slippers and high messy bun, I was not ashamed — because I earned it.

US imposes visa rules for pregnant women on 'birth tourism'

Matthew Lee and Colleen Long, Associated Press  |  Posted Jan 22nd - 11:39am

The Trump administration on Thursday published new visa rules aimed at restricting “birth tourism," in which women travel to the U.S. to give birth so their children can have a coveted U.S. passport.

Have You Seen This? Dad cuts baby noises together to create 'Thunderstruck'

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 21st - 3:03pm

It's hard to truly express how much I love this video. Great song, great baby, great dad.

7 sunscreen chemicals enter bloodstream after one use, FDA says, but don't abandon sun protection

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Jan 21st - 1:48pm

After a single application, a total of seven chemicals commonly found in sunscreens can be absorbed into the bloodstream at levels that exceed safety thresholds, according to studies by the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, an arm of the US Food and Drug Administration.

Is preschool the new kindergarten? The United Way says it should be

Sahalie Donaldson, KSL  |  Posted Jan 21st - 1:17pm

Nonprofit United Way presented its 2020 policy agenda Tuesday and highlighted several bills centered around early childhood education.

Alpine School District launches esports clubs at 5 schools

Ray Boone, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 20th - 5:03pm

Some might call a bunch of kids gathered around a TV while holding controllers a “waste of time” while others might call it a “pointless way to rot your brain.”

Coach Kim: How to not be the 'evil stepmother'

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 20th - 7:05am

In this part two of the blended families series, Coach Kim explains the challenges that surround being a stepmother and shares some tips for making the role easier.

CDC: 7 people under age 18 died of the flu last week; 39 children total this season so far

Elizabeth Cohen, Senior Medical Correspondent, CNN  |  Posted Jan 18th - 5:14pm

On Christmas Day, 16-year-old Kaylee Roberts opened presents at her aunt's house in suburban Cleveland, joyfully celebrating the holiday and laughing with her cousins.

A dog gives birth to a green puppy, now named 'Hulk.' Here's the science behind it

Alaa Elassar, CNN  |  Posted Jan 17th - 7:43pm

When a North Carolina family's beloved dog went into labor, everything seemed to be going well. That is until one of her puppies came out green.

Utah student becomes semifinalist in Mars rover naming contest

Ashley Moser, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 17th - 9:40am

A Utah elementary student is a semifinalist in NASA’s “Name the Rover” contest.

Proposal for late starts at Salt Lake high schools gets chilly reception

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Jan 17th - 8:04am

After a public meeting earlier this week where the vast majority of participants backed a proposal to push back start times, the plan got a chilly reception Thursday night from parents, teachers and even students.

This is your child's brain on books: Scans show benefit of reading vs. screen time

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted Jan 16th - 8:34pm

Taking away screens and reading to our children during the formative years of birth to age 5 boosts brain development. We all know that's true, but now science can convince us with startling images.

6 common misconceptions of large families debunked

Arianne Brown, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 15th - 12:45pm

Large families are an anomaly, even in the state of Utah, and there are many misconceptions about them based on preconceived notions. With the help of several moms of large families, I have come up with six common misconceptions of large families — debunked.

If every kid learns differently, why does cookie-cutter approach to K-12 education persist?

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Jan 15th - 8:22am

Humans are “profoundly individual,” not only in how they differ from one another but how they learn, an education expert said.

Have You Seen This? This kid's Nutcracker passion is off the charts

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Jan 14th - 3:02pm

There is passion for something, and then there is PASSION for something. This kid has all caps passion.

There's a mismatch in the flu shot, and it's not good news for children

Elizabeth Cohen, CNN  |  Posted Jan 14th - 10:00am

This year's flu vaccine is "not a very good match" for a common strain of the flu that's especially tough on children, according to the nation's top infectious disease doctor.