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89-year-old pizza delivery driver gets surprise tip, becomes 'TikTok famous'

Alex Cabrero, KSL TV  |  Posted Sep 22nd - 10:12pm

An 89-year-old Weber County man has become “TikTok famous” after a family gave a big tip for pizza delivery.

Review: 10 products to consider for your home office

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted Sep 22nd - 2:21pm

The American workforce is evolving dramatically due to the COVID-19 crisis, with millions of people moving to home offices. From standing desks to chair wheels, this guide looks at 10 products that might make things a little more functional and comfortable in your new workspace.

If you do not snooze, you lose: Sleep seen as essential for the brain, new analysis shows

Will Dunham, Reuters  |  Updated Sep 21st - 8:28pm

Scientists are providing a fuller understanding of the essential role that sleep plays in brain health, identifying an abrupt transition at about 2.4 years of age when its primary purpose shifts from brain building to maintenance and repair.

How is Utah's economy recovering? New Salt Lake Chamber tool tracks improvement

Ryan Miller,  |  Posted Sep 21st - 6:36pm

A new economic tool was announced Monday that will be used to track the state’s path to a recovery from the COVID-19 recession.

T cell shortage linked to severe COVID-19 in elderly; antiseptic spray may limit virus spread

Nancy Lapid, Reuters  |  Posted Sep 21st - 12:15pm

The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

NASA mulls possible mission to Venus after recent discovery of possible life

Joey Roulette, Reuters  |  Posted Sep 21st - 8:13am

NASA is considering approving by next April up to two planetary science missions from four proposals under review, including one to Venus that scientists involved in the project said could help determine whether or not that planet harbors life.

Plaque symbolizing Thai democracy removed in less than a day

Tassanee Vejpongsa, Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 21st - 5:15am

A plaque honoring struggles for democracy in Thailand was removed from a royal field less than 24 hours after being installed by anti-government protesters and was submitted as evidence in connection with a complaint by officials that its installation was illegal, police said Monday.

Dr. Angela Dunn speaks at TEDx, addresses Utah COVID case spike

Debbie Worthen, KSL TV  |  Posted Sep 20th - 7:11pm

In the midst of the rise in COVID-19 numbers, Dr. Angela Dunn, Utah’s state epidemiologist, was a presenter at a special TEDx event in Salt Lake City.

Trump gives blessing to deal to allow TikTok to continue to operate in US

David Shepardson, Alexandra Alper and Echo Wang, Reuters  |  Updated Sep 19th - 9:44pm

President Donald Trump said he supports a deal that will allow TikTok to continue to operate in the United States, after threatening to ban the Chinese-owned app in August.

CDC drops controversial testing advice that caused backlash

Mike Stobbe, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 18th - 4:32pm

U.S. health officials on Friday dropped a controversial piece of coronavirus guidance and said anyone who has been in close contact with an infected person should get tested.

US bans WeChat, TikTok from app stores, threatens shutdowns

Tali Arbel, Matt O'Brien and Matt Ott, Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 18th - 12:36pm

The U.S. Commerce Department said Friday it will ban Chinese-owned TikTok and WeChat from U.S. app stores on Sunday and will bar the apps from accessing essential internet services in the U.S. — a move that could effectively wreck the operation of both Chinese services for U.S. users.

Want to buy a dinosaur? One of the world's biggest T. rex skeletons is up for sale

Jack Guy, CNN  |  Posted Sep 16th - 4:45pm

One of the world's most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons is up for sale.

Seeping under doors, bad air from West's fires won't ease up

Sara Cline and Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 15th - 9:35pm

Dangerously dirty air spewing from the West Coast wildfires is seeping into homes and businesses, sneaking into cars through air conditioning vents and preventing people already shut away by the coronavirus pandemic from enjoying a walk or trip to the park.

Everything you need to know about the iOS 14 update

Kaya Yurieff, CNN Business  |  Posted Sep 15th - 4:39pm

Apple just unveiled new versions of the Apple Watch and iPad, but a new iPhone isn't expected until next month.

TikTok owner picks Oracle over Microsoft as US tech partner

Matt O'Brien and Tali Arbel, Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 14th - 1:32pm

Oracle said Monday that the Chinese owner of TikTok has picked the U.S. company to be its “trusted technology provider," beating out rival Microsoft in a deal that could help keep the popular video-sharing app running in the U.S.

Astronomers see possible hints of life in Venus's clouds

Seth Borenstein, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 14th - 12:21pm

Astronomers have found a potential sign of life high in the atmosphere of neighboring Venus: hints there may be bizarre microbes living in the sulfuric acid-laden clouds of the hothouse planet.

North American box office muted; ‘Mulan’ fizzles in China

Lindsey Bahr, Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 13th - 5:26pm

Moviegoing audiences in North America are not rushing back to the theater just yet and “Mulan” is also faltering in its China release as the global box office slowly comes back online in the COVID-19 era.

Utah doctors: Pandemic makes getting regular flu shot even more important

Tim Vandenack, The Standard-examiner Via Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 13th - 5:14pm

As if COVID-19 weren’t enough to worry about, flu season is gearing up, giving those already jittery about every cough and sneeze more to fret over.

CDC study in Utah: Kids infected at day care spread coronavirus at home

Mike Stobbe, Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 11th - 6:07pm

Children who caught the coronavirus at day cares spread it to their relatives, according to a new report that underscores that kids can infect others.