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Have You Seen This? The musical potato
January 2, 2018

POTATO HEAVEN — I remember the day I saw "Napoleon Dynamite" for the first time in the theater.

I sat there chuckling from time to time but wasn't really sure what I was experiencing. Then at the end, Napoleon danced into my heart and the rest of the movie made so much more sense and I loved it.

I had a similar feeling watching this three-minute video. At first, all you see are hands carving out a potato. "Why am I watching this?" I kept asking myself. Then a keyboard came out with someone playing notes with their feet and my question continued to go unanswered. Then it happened; the Napoleon-dance payoff.

No, this payoff isn't nearly as pleasing as the awkward moon boot dance, but for some reason, it's oddly satisfying. My exact words to my editor as I listened to the potato version of Darude's "Sandstorm" was this, "I hate this and love it at the same time."

I'm not sure I liked this video, but I'm also not sure I hated it. Who knew a carved-out potato could cause me such an existential crisis.

Watch the video for yourself and love it, hate it or find yourself torn down the middle. I'm going to go try and figure out my life.