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15 Utah businesses that accept bitcoin
December 21, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — 2017 has been interesting.

One of the year’s biggest surprises was bitcoin’s seemingly spontaneous and meteoric rise when the cryptocurrency quickly became worth more than it ever has been. Even Google searches for the word bitcoin spiked in the last couple of months.

Bitcoin’s value reached its peak Dec. 17, stopping just short of $20,000. One bitcoin is currently worth nearly $16,000.

Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital currency — meaning bitcoin and the bitcoin network just consist of people using bitcoin with no banks, governments and boundaries. There are websites and apps to help people buy, sell and manage their bitcoin, and most people do so by using an exchange website.

Those who bought bitcoin back when it wasn’t worth too much are sitting pretty now — unless the market crashes, which many think it might. Some warn that the market may even be a bubble. If bitcoin owners want to sell their cryptocurrency before it loses value, they can cash it in for regular currency.

And though everyone might be on the bitcoin craze, there still aren’t a ton of businesses and organizations that accept it as payment. Those that do are few and far between.

Dr. Harrison Salisbury, a chiropractor at his own clinic in Orem, is one of the few. Salisbury has been a cryptocurrency fan since the beginning and even paid for his schooling with the money he accrued from bitcoin.

“We started accepting it as a way to kind of promote it and let people know about it,” he said. “I think it’s like knowing about the internet before it came to be. So in (accepting it), I would attract unique customers — people who are looking for local businesses where they can spend their bitcoin.”

For Utahns who are looking for places to spend their bitcoin, here are 15 local businesses that currently accept the cryptocurrency as payment:

Find other businesses that accept bitcoin on, a bitcoin business directory. However, may have some outdated information.

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