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Have You Seen This? Unflappable goose faces herd of cows
December 3, 2017

THE PASTURE — Some animals are territorial, and some animals are territorial, aggressive, and mostly can’t be bothered by things that could kill them in a heartbeat.

I believe it’s fair to say that Canada geese easily fit into the latter group.

With any small animal that scares off larger, stronger beasts, it’s all about the “I don’t care” attitude mixed with what may even be a real disregard for life. (Neither of these arguments are based in science or fact.)

However, the single Canada goose in this video feels like solid evidence for my sloppy argument. Basically this unflappable feathered friend faces a small herd of 1,000-pound cows that keep charging it, and the fowl barely flinches.

It doesn’t matter that it has hollow bones and weighs less than 20 pounds; this goose just plants its webbed feet and holds its ground. Basically, if this goose were playing basketball, it would draw a charging foul (fowl?) every time.

Of course, the cows look completely terrified in this David-versus-20-Goliaths video. It makes the whole thing equal parts fascinating and hilarious.

The oldest video this writer could find is about a month old, but a gif of the scene went viral this week thanks to several posts on Reddit. And I find it’s usually worth it to find a video with sound when animals are involved, so you’re welcome.