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Have You Seen This? Santa speaks all languages except one
December 2, 2017

THE NORTH POLE — When all the cards are on the table, the person who cares about communication more than anyone else in the entire world is Santa Claus.

He and his elfin team work hard to make sure every child is heard whether they’re sitting on Santa’s lap, writing him letters, or even speaking to him on the phone.

But no matter how hard ol’ Saint Nick and his team of diminutive helpers work, there is one language they just don’tunderstand. And that’s the particular dialect of English spoken in New Zealand.

With all the shifting vowels, things can get tricky for non-Kiwi humans beings as well as immortal beings like Santa. In fact, you’ll see just how tricky it gets when Santa starts fielding Christmas present phone calls from all the good boys and girls in New Zealand.

In the video, when a kid asks for a “new bed,” Santa hears “new beard.” It only goes downhill from there until an elf storms in with a ridiculous array of “toys” (AKA Santa’s flubs).

That’s right, not even Santa is perfect.

Luckily (and because this is the internet) there are crew members from New Zealand Air with apparition powers that come to Santa’s aid. They start by launching into a twisting explanation of how vowels work in the Kiwi dialect, which proves that it can be difficult for even a magical man to understand.

As amazing as that bit is, the best part of the video is the national sense of humor with citizens that are willing — and even proud — to poke fun at themselves. Good on ya, mates.