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Tips to make signing up for health insurance easier
November 28, 2017

Info from Ark Insurance Solutions:

1)What do people need to know?
Don’t panic! There is almost always a solution and way to find a plan that will work for you and your family.

2) We heard that rates went up a lot. Are you seeing a lot of people getting really hurt with the new rates?
SelectHealth filed a 44% increase on their silver level plans. That sounds terrifying but what you need to understand is the subsidies paid by the government are tied to that increase, so they went up as well. MANY consumers will actually pay less this year than they have in the past.

3) What about people that don’t get a subsidy?
There are actually quite a few options this year. Both carriers have a plan off the exchange that is 30% less expensive than the one on the exchange. If someone is self-employed, you can also potentially set up a group plan, which, this year, has been even lower than off exchange plans. For example: My premium on the exchange was over $1200, off exchange it was over $800, and for a group policy it was over $600.

4) How do you get signed up?
There are over 50 plan options available this year through the exchange. Carriers pay brokers to assist consumers to choose a plan, sign up, and provide service throughout the year. It does not cost you any extra to use a broker. Use a broker to get signed up, unless you love sitting on hold to talk to a call center.
You can also attend free information sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at the Salt Lake City Main Library at 10 am and 6 pm. There are brokers present that can complete your enrollment at the meeting.
If you really hate talking to people live, feel free to visit and use the five minute enrollment tool. It bypasses the front of so it is easier faster with less headache.

5) How do we find a broker?

You can look at site and use the find a broker tool. Be sure to look for a broker with either the Circle of Champions designation (which means they have done 20+ enrollments this year) or the Elite Circle of Champions (which means they have done more than 100 enrollments this year).

6) What information do you need before you start this process?
a) medication list/cost and dosage for all family members
b) name of all Dr.’s
c) modified adjusted gross income FOR ALL family members projected for 2018
d) social security numbers and dates of birth
e) immigration documents if necessary
f) who will be included as a tax dependent for 2018
g) how often do you go to the Dr./do you have any planned procedures?

7) Anything else we should know?

Open enrollment ends December 15 and unlike taxes, you cannot file an extension!! Don’t do it alone, there are people that are passionate about helping you navigate this and get you the best plan.