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The Jazz Daily: Donovan Mitchell turning heads, getting Jazz records
November 26, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — The Jazz took the day off after handily beating the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night. Still, here's some leftover notes from Saturday night's game, and what else is going on around Jazzland.

Donovan Mitchell turning heads

Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell tied a franchise record by making six 3-pointers on Saturday night, an effort that tied Wesley Matthews' performance on March 14, 2010. One of them was this one, a shush of the Milwaukee bench. No word on what Milwaukee's bench said to provoke the reaction.

The 6-10 effort raised his 3-point percentage to 34.2 for the season, very respectable for a rookie.

But it wasn't just the 3-point shooting that impressed. Two moves stood out to me: the spin move around Giannis Antetokounmpo to finish at the rim:

Pero el mejor en @utahjazz fue el rookie, Donovan Mitchell:
24 puntos (7º partido de 20+)
4 rebotes
4 asistencias
2 robos
6/10 en triples
Y este reverso ante

— Manuel de la Torre (@manueltorresanz) November 26, 2017

And then drawing a foul on Antetokounmpo with this fancy bit of footwork is really mature for a rookie, just 21 years of age:

Donovan Mitchell's move to draw a foul against Giannis here was really nice

— Andy Larsen (@andyblarsen) November 26, 2017

We already looked at Mitchell's passing efforts in Saturday night's Triple Team, but they were also really nice. We know Mitchell is the Jazz's future, but is that at the point guard or is he best off the ball to begin possessions? It's something to learn over the next 62 games.

Donovan Mitchell's first jersey

Think Mitchell will be a superstar? Well, maybe this jersey would be a good investment. is auctioning off Mitchell's first game-worn jersey from the Jazz's win against the Denver Nuggets at the beginning of the season.

The bidding is already pretty high, though. After 26 bids have been placed on the jersey in the first three days, the price sits at $2,501 at the moment. The auction closes on Dec. 14.

Ekpe Udoh pronunciation

The Jazz sent out a press release on Friday correcting the pronunciation of one of their rotation players. You see, Ekpe Udoh's name is pronounced "EPP-ay OO-Doe," not "EPP-ay YOU-Doe" as was previously listed.

Jazz making free throws

Here's something that hasn't been a worry so far for the 9-11 Jazz: through 19 games, the Jazz have the fourth-highest free-throw shooting percentage in NBA history.

That's even after a game Saturday in which they shot 11-19, or just 57 percent.

Their 82.6 percent mark for the season so far comes up just short the 83.2 percent mark set by the 1989-90 Boston Celtics. It makes sense that the Jazz would be good free throw shooters: only Rudy Gobert among their starting lineup is a poor shooter from the line, and even he's improved significantly.

The Jazz would probably like to take more of them, though they're higher up in the rankings than you might suspect. The Jazz rank 13th in free throw rate this season.