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Man running for Ogden City Council says airport manager stole campaign signs

By Nicole Vowell, KSL  |  Posted Oct 13th, 2017 @ 8:28am



OGDEN — It's time for another election in Ogden City and Lew Wheelwright is running for a seat on the city council.

“It’s really turned out much different than I thought it was going to,” he said.

He filed a police report Thursday — against a city employee.

Wheelwright says the airport manager from Ogden-Hinckley Airport, Jon Greiner, stole his campaign signs off of private property. Wheelwright says he is running for council to make some changes in the city, mainly at Odgen-Hinckley Airport.

“It was really the airport that put me over the edge,” he said. “The airport is dying.”

Revamping the airport has been a central part of Wheelwright’s campaign. But in the last few days, he's noticed something missing.

“Over the last 48 hours, we’ve lost about 50 signs,” Wheelwright said Thursday.

On Wednesday, a business owner across the street from the airport caught the sign removal in action on camera.

The culprit was someone the business owner said looks suspiciously like Greiner — though neither the business owner nor KSL could confirm the person in the footage was actually him.

“We see (the man in the footage) pull up in his Jeep, parking, and then walking onto our property,” business owner David Shumway said.

In a phone interview with KSL, Greiner said he did have some signs removed.

“There were a lot of campaign signs put on airport property and I had my people remove them,” he said. “But I think one may have been picked up on public property."

Greiner is a former Chief of Police for Ogden City and a former state Senator. But Thursday, a police report was filed against him for theft. Police are still investigating the incident.

“I’m beyond belief that someone would actually do this, especially someone of his stature,” Wheelwright said of Greiner. “I think when we have city employees behaving like this, they need to be held accountable."

Shortly after KSL’s interview with Grenier, Shumway said the missing signs were returned by an airport employee.

According to Ogden City code, removing, vandalizing, or tampering with campaign signs is a class B Misdemeanor.

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