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LDS Church makes $5M donation to aid Middle East refugees
October 31, 2015

LONDON — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made a $5 million donation to aid refugees in the Middle East, with more on the way.

The LDS Church, which has a large membership in Europe in close proximity to the recent large-scale suffering of refugees in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, is making the donation of €4.6 million, or roughly $5 million US, to immediately help displaced families. The funds will go toward emergency supplies, clothing, blankets, food and many other resources badly needed in the region.

"We continue to be moved, like so many others, by the stories and images of those struggling for basic necessities of food, water, and temporary shelter," said Elder Patrick Kearon, one of three overseers of 500,000 members of the LDS Church in Europe. "They have lost so much."

The LDS Church, which has been providing aid to refugees around the globe for over a decade, also has members operating in multiple countries to bolster efforts. Over 2,000 people have come together to send clothing, blankets and other supplies to refugees in Scotland, while several congregations in Munich, Germany, constructed a wall for a local shelter and also provided supplies.

"The church has helped, and will continue to help, those who remain displaced and homeless in conflict zones or in neighboring countries where they have fled," said Sharon Eubank, director of humanitarian services for the LDS Church.

Contributing: Carole Mikita