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Harry and Meghan: Newest royal baby could be an American

Gregory Katz, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 25th - 10:49am

What would the founding fathers think? Almost 250 years after the United States launched a revolution to rid itself of the British royal family, the next royal baby could be an American.

Jordan School District breaks ground for elementary school where the antelope roam

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Apr 25th - 10:15am

The Jordan District school is one of seven new schools the district needs to keep pace with steady enrollment enrollment growth in the southwest quadrant of Salt Lake County. A new high school in Herriman is on track to open next fall.

Southern Utah town set to celebrate reopening of 94-year-old bridge

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Apr 25th - 9:45am

A nearly century-old bridge that a small southern Utah town banded together to preserve is set to ceremoniously reopen next week.

Man killed in Alpine trench collapse

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Apr 25th - 9:26am

One person died in a trench collapse Wednesday, authorities said.

‘Fatbergs’ are a reminder of what not to flush

Mike Anderson, KSL TV  |  Posted Apr 25th - 8:39am

A slimy, grimy ball of goop is garnering a bit of attention on West Haven City’s Facebook page. It came out of a sewer pump Monday.

'You don't succeed without failure': Donovan Mitchell will learn from Game 5 performance

Ryan Miller,  |  Posted Apr 25th - 8:00am

Donovan Mitchell wasn't great on Wednesday. He thinks it'll help him be great in the future.

7 things to consider when remodeling your home

Giant Carpet One  |  Posted Apr 25th - 8:00am

Whether you need a bit more space, more efficient space or are just ready for a new and refreshed look, gearing up for a home remodel can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. To help you as you plan, here are some tips.

Widow of fallen Utah officer David Romrell speaks publicly for first time

Dan Rascon, KSL TV  |  Posted Apr 25th - 7:37am

The family and comrades of a fallen Utah police officer hope to find healing next month when they see him honored in Washington D.C.

High school senior killed in West Valley City crash Wednesday

Linda Williams,  |  Posted Apr 25th - 7:18am

A woman who died in a crash Wednesday evening was a high school senior.

In 50 years, a more diverse Utah will look like today's US

Annie Knox, KSL  |  Posted Apr 25th - 7:05am

By the time today's preschoolers have grandchildren of their own, Utah's classrooms and workplaces will be significantly more diverse. In 2065, the Beehive State will look much like the nation as a whole does today, a new state report projects.

Biden launches 2020 bid warning 'soul' of America at stake

Steve Peoples and Thomas Beaumont, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 25th - 6:25am

Former Vice President Joe Biden formally joined the crowded Democratic presidential contest on Thursday, declaring the "soul of this nation" at stake if President Donald Trump wins re-election.

'We didn’t want to go back to Utah, seriously': Rockets knew how important Game 5 was

Ryan Miller,  |  Posted Apr 24th - 11:37pm

Houston didn't want to face the fans in Salt Lake City again.

Report shows how hot Utah is — and not in a good way

Amy Joi O'Donoghue, KSL  |  Posted Apr 24th - 9:43pm

A new report shows Utah is among the top five states in the country for temperature gains between 1970 and 2018, experiencing annual average temperatures increases of 3 degrees. The report by Climate Central shows Utah's warmest season is its spring.

'Abort the port': Protestors crash Utah Inland Port Authority board meeting

Katie McKellar, KSL  |  Posted Apr 24th - 9:12pm

A group of protestors fighting against the proposed Utah Inland Port successfully hijacked the port authority's board meeting Wednesday night.

18-year-old killed in crash in West Valley City

Ashley Imlay, KSL  |  Posted Apr 24th - 9:02pm

An 18-year-old passenger was killed Wednesday evening in a crash in West Valley City, police said.

After the Golden Spike: How railroads helped shape Utah

Salt Lake Chamber  |  Posted Apr 24th - 9:00pm

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Summit, Utah. Utah – and the country at large – would never be the same.

Missed shots and missed opportunities: Jazz season ends in Game 5 loss

Ryan Miller,  |  Posted Apr 24th - 8:38pm

Utah's defense traveled to Houston. Its offense was once again a no-show.

Your food cravings are telling you something

Emily Fonnesbeck, Contributor  |  Posted Apr 24th - 8:05pm

You may find your cravings have wisdom. They can teach you a lot actually, if you’ll let them. Here's a list of possibilities of what they are trying to tell you.

Recapping 12 essential Marvel films ahead of 'Avengers: Endgame'

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted Apr 24th - 7:33pm

While all 21 previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films tie into “Avengers: Endgame” in some way, there are a few that are essential to being up to speed with when it comes to the 22nd film. Here is a recap of those films.

Housing costs skyrocketed in 2018, but could slow this year, analyst says

Jasen Lee, KSL  |  Posted Apr 24th - 7:00pm

Utah's housing market has been among the hottest in the West in recent years. But new information suggests that more reasonable growth may be on the horizon.

Off-duty Navajo police officer arrested on suspicion of DUI in San Juan County

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Apr 24th - 6:45pm

An off-duty officer with the Navajo Police Department was arrested for investigation of DUI on Sunday, authorities said.