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Scaramucci tirades ignite smoldering White House tensions

Julie Bykowicz and Jonathan Lemire, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 28th - 1:38pm

President Donald Trump's new communications director exploded the smoldering tensions at the White House into a full-fledged conflagration Thursday, angrily daring Trump's chief of staff to deny he's a "leaker" and exposing West Wing backstabbing in language more suitable to a mobster movie than a seat of presidential stability.

Confirmation expected for Utah man nominated to Federal Reserve Board

Marcy Gordon, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 28th - 1:02pm

Utah native Randal Quarles, President Donald Trump's nominee for the Federal Reserve Board, says he likes a predecessor's ideas for where regulators should prune banking rules.

Sen. Mike Lee: Senate failed American people in rejecting 'skinny repeal' of Obamacare

Dennis Romboy  |  Posted   Jul 28th - 12:32pm

The U.S. Senate failed the American people in rejecting the so-called "skinny repeal" of Obamacare, Sen. Mike Lee said Friday. Both he and Sen. Orrin Hatch voted for the legislation that the Senate narrowly voted down late Thursday.

Penalty for refusing to get health insurance remains intact

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 28th - 10:28am

Opponents of President Barack Obama's health care law who wanted to get rid of the penalty people were assessed for not having health insurance will have to wait longer for relief after the Senate early Friday defeated the GOP's scaled-back version of legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act. .

McCain, fighting cancer, turns on GOP and kills health bill

Erica Werner, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 28th - 9:41am

Sen. John McCain appeared poised to be the savior of the GOP health bill when he returned to the Capitol earlier this week despite brain cancer.

More than 68,000 mistakenly sent GOP ballots in Utah County

Katie McKellar  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 7:07pm

It turns out not some, but all unaffiliated voters in Utah County were mistakenly sent ballots intended only to go to Republican voters thanks to an "unfortunate clerical error," Utah County Clerk Bryan Thompson confirmed Thursday.

AP EXCLUSIVE: Sessions not leaving unless pushed

Sadie Gurman and Mary Clare Jalonick, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 7:01pm

His loyalty to the boss severely tested but seemingly intact, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday he will stay in the job for as long as President Donald Trump wants him to serve.

House GOP passes $788B bill for Pentagon, US-Mexico border wall

Andrew Taylor, The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 5:58pm

The House passed a $788 billion spending bill Thursday that combines a $1.6 billion down payment for President Donald Trump's controversial border wall with Mexico with a whopping budget increase for the Pentagon.

Russia sanctions bill heads to Trump after Senate approval

Richard Lardner, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 5:41pm

The Senate voted decisively on Thursday to approve a new package of stiff financial sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, sending the popular bill to President Donald Trump for his signature after weeks of intense negotiations.

Mayor accused of selling favors says he's not guilty

Anthony Izaguirre, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 3:22pm

The mayor of Pennsylvania's third-largest city pleaded not guilty Thursday to federal corruption charges that officials likened to putting a for-sale sign on his office while promising political favors to deep-pocketed donors.

Transgender troops: A presidential tweet is not an order

Robert Burns, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 2:32pm

Unmoved by President Donald Trump's proclamation-by-Twitter, top Pentagon leaders declared on Thursday they'll allow transgender troops to remain in uniform until Defense Secretary Jim Mattis receives an authoritative directive to remove them.

Herbert: Goal is to be able to play tennis at Pioneer Park a year from now

Amy Joi O'Donoghue  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 1:49pm

Gov. Gary Herbert said he intends to bring state resources to bear on cleaning up the Rio Grande area of its crime and homeless problem, and wants to be able to play tennis at Pioneer Park a year from now. He's also willing to call a special session.

Hillary Clinton calling new book 'What Happened'

Hillel Italie, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 12:22pm

Hillary Clinton is calling her new book "What Happened" and promising unprecedented candor as she remembers her stunning defeat last year to Donald Trump.

Wasserman Schultz fires IT staffer following fraud arrest

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 10:31am

Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has fired an information technology staffer following his arrest on a bank fraud charge at a Virginia airport where he was attempting to fly to Pakistan.

GOP senators blink, miss big chance to repeal 'Obamacare'

Erica Werner and Alan Fram, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 26th - 3:59pm

After seven years of emphatic campaign promises, Senate Republicans demonstrated Wednesday they don't have the stomach to repeal "Obamacare" when it really counts, as the Senate voted 55-45 to reject legislation undoing major portions of Barack Obama's law without replacing it.

Trump to hold West Virginia campaign rally on Aug. 3

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 28th - 11:33am

President Donald Trump is holding an early August campaign rally in West Virginia.

Pace of redoing North Carolina districts concerns judges

Jonathan Drew, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 28th - 1:41am

Two federal judges said they are concerned that North Carolina legislative leaders have taken few if any steps to draw new election maps since they were struck down last year, and one judge suggested they don't appear to be taking their duty seriously.

Judges: Is North Carolina is serious about fixing districts?

Jonathan Drew, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 1:42pm

Two federal judges said Thursday they are concerned that North Carolina legislative leaders have taken few if any steps to draw new election maps since they were struck down last year, and one judge suggested they don't appear to be taking their duty seriously.

Michelle Obama discusses emotional scars from critics

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 27th - 8:16am

Michelle Obama says breaking the glass ceiling in becoming the first black first lady left a few lasting emotional scars.