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6 young squirrels rescued from ordeal of tangled tails

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 17th - 6:28pm

Six young squirrels whose tails were stuck together by tree sap are recovering after a Nebraska wildlife expert untangled them.

93-year-old makes first hole-in-one in 65 years of golfing

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 17th - 11:24am

A 93-year-old Ohio man wrapped up his nearly seven decades of golfing with his first hole-in-one.

Any doctor on board? US surgeon general gives aid on plane

Emily Wagster Pettus, Associated Press  |  Posted   May 16th - 7:49pm

When the call went out for a doctor on board, the U.S. surgeon general says he gladly stepped in to help with a medical emergency on a commercial flight.

Police praise Wisconsin students for prank that was illusion

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 16th - 11:21am

Police had praise for students who created an illusion for a senior class prank that appeared to show a car crashed into the principal's office.

Audio clip spurs social media debate over Yanny or Laurel

The Associated Press and CNN  |  Posted   May 16th - 10:34am

Do you hear what I hear?

Co-pilot sucked halfway out of cockpit on Chinese flight

Bard Wilkinson and Serenitie Wang, CNN  |  Posted   May 15th - 11:57am

A Sichuan Airlines co-pilot was sucked halfway out of an aircraft's cockpit when its windshield shattered during a flight, Chinese state media has reported.

Buried treasure found in NYC; pirates nowhere in sight

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 15th - 11:53am

A couple of urban island-dwellers have found buried treasure in their backyard — but so far the pirates are nowhere in sight.

Woman fired after cops seize laxative-laced brownies

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 15th - 8:32am

A Michigan engineering company employee has been fired after police determined she baked laxatives into brownies intended for a departing colleague's send-off.

Student takes Danny DeVito cardboard cutout to prom

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 14th - 1:40pm

A Pennsylvania high school student took an unorthodox approach to prom and brought a cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito to the dance.

Missing Virgin Mary statue found 2 years after disappearance

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 19th - 9:14am

A missing statue of the Virgin Mary stolen from a Vermont nativity scene more than two years ago has been found unharmed and returned to its owner.

Roo-ting out trouble: Rogue S Carolina kangaroo nabbed again

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 18th - 5:35am

South Carolina's most talented escape artist may be a kangaroo.

Ammo box falls from military chopper, crashes into school

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 18th - 4:40am

Authorities are trying to determine how a box of ammunition fell from a military helicopter and crashed through the roof of an elementary school in Texas.

Man accused of stealing cruiser slipped through tiny opening

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 17th - 10:55am

Prosecutors say a man charged with stealing a police cruiser in Maine slipped through an 11-by-11 inch opening while handcuffed to get into the driver's seat.

How many retweets to wear Crocs to graduation? 2018!

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 17th - 6:49am

On a whim, a Florida high school senior asked the Crocs shoe company to supply its foam shoes for her and all of her female classmates to wear to graduation, and the company said OK — if her request could get 2,018 retweets.

Owner of $85M apartment offers trip to space with purchase

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 17th - 5:11am

The owner for a New York City condominium is offering a trip to outer space included with the purchase of an $85 million dollar apartment.

Estonian municipality put cannabis leaf on flag

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 16th - 3:49am

The southern Estonian municipality of Kanepi has a cannabis leaf on its new flag — because that's what its name means in Estonian.

Chinese tourists spark anger in Vietnam over map on shirts

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 16th - 1:41am

A group of Chinese tourists wearing T-shirts depicting the country's territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea has sparked anger in Vietnam.

Domestic dispute in Germany: Man arguing with a parrot

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 15th - 6:01am

Police were called to investigate a domestic disturbance in a southern German town — and found a man arguing with a parrot.

4 charged with tainting cupcakes with bodily fluids

The Associated Press  |  Posted   May 14th - 2:05pm

Police have charged four people they say brought cupcakes tainted with bodily fluids to their Connecticut school last year.