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2 arrested in Taylorsville home burglary
January 3, 2018

TAYLORSVILLE — Two people were arrested for allegedly breaking into a Taylorsville home Wednesday and then stealing a car.

Now Unified police are trying to determine if they can be linked to other burglaries.

About 11:25 a.m., a 16-year-old boy and 19-year-old man went to a residence at 2171 W. Quailstone Drive (4800 South).

"They knocked first. The homeowner didn't answer the door. At which time they began to kick the door in," said Tracy Wyant, chief of the department's Taylorsville precinct.

The homeowner, who was actually inside at the time, ran out another door unnoticed as he heard the intruders entering, said Wyant. Once outside, the homeowner called 911.

Just as police officers were arriving in the area, the two ran off, he said. The 16-year-old was quickly captured at a nearby park.

The 19-year-old found a vehicle left running and unattended and stole the car, Wyant said. Officers, who were close behind, followed the vehicle. About a mile away, the man abandoned the car near 4500 South and 1400 West, and was arrested shortly after stepping outside of the car.

Isiah Ortega was arrested. Wyant said detectives found the vehicle the duo was originally driving and discovered items believed to have been taken from other burglaries, such as power tools.