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Feds arrest woman at Utah bus stop allegedly carrying heroin in diaper bag
December 7, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — Federal agents arrested a woman who allegedly had a package of heroin in a diaper bag as she exited a bus in West Valley City on Tuesday.

The Drug Enforcement Administration's Metro Narcotics Task Force was doing a plain-clothes operation at the Tufesa bus stop when they encountered Elva Zosa-Bernal. As passengers got off the bus, she stayed on and appeared to be texting and condensing her luggage in an "unusual manner," according to criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

Zosa-Bernal left the bus carrying several duffel bags and a child carrier with an infant inside. She agreed to speak with an agent inside the terminal.

At the same time, agents found a package of heroin on the bus two rows behind where Zosa-Bernal was sitting, according to court documents. Officers then arrested her. They also say they found a package containing heroin in her diaper bag. The two packages weighed 928 grams.

Zosa-Bernal told investigators she was being paid $1,500 to carry something from Phoenix to Salt Lake City but that she didn't know what it was, court documents say.

Zosa-Bernal is in jail on an immigration hold and faces possession with intent to distribute charges.