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Have You Seen This? Man rescues wild rabbit from California fire
December 7, 2017

VENTURA COUNTY, California — As massive wildfires forces evacuation and destroy forestry across southern California, one man's small act of kindness to a bunny in danger has gone viral.

According to a BBC video made about the incident, a man pulled his car over on the 101 freeway in La Conchita when he saw the little rabbit run into the edges of the wildfire. He's clearly panicked, grappling with the idea of this tiny creature losing its life — a seemingly small loss to those who are dealing with a threat to their homes.

Though 100,000 acres have been lost, this man's ability to care about a small life is really moving, as he picks up the wild animal and gets it to safety, away from the flames and the busy highway.

Some on social media are saying the act of kindness has restored their faith in humanity.

Video commenters said the man was a "low-budget Spider-Man," and another thought it was moving he "did as much as he could" in such an overwhelming situation.

No word yet on who the man is, but this is one video we won't soon forget.