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Aggies 'not a fluke'; ready for in-state rival Utah

08/27/2013 10:51am
As Utah and Utah State gear up for another football season, the in- state rivalry is expected to only gain momentum. And for the Aggies, it's the first step into proving that last season's victory over Utah and the team's overall success was not a fluke.

5 tips to prepare for college football season

08/27/2013 12:47pm
It's finally here, college football. The season kicks off this week and I'm worried you aren't prepared for the amazingness, which is about to go down. In an effort to get you totally ready for the season to come, here are five life-changing tips to get you ready for college football season.

Reilly and Murphy headline the Aggies' focus

08/27/2013 2:44pm
With the 111th Battle of the Brothers taking place Thursday night, Utah State is focused in on who they need to stop.

Who is Utah State? A statistical breakdown

08/27/2013 3:48pm
As Utah State prepares for another showdown with Utah, it's time to take a look at who the Aggies really are.