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Gary Andersen to become new Wisconsin head coach

12/19/2012 12:21am
Utah State head coach Gary Andersen has taken the head coaching job at Wisconsin, according to a source close to the program.

BYU and USU 2012 highlights and one-armed point guard owns the court

12/19/2012 12:45pm
BYU and USU had very different seasons, but both had some great highlights. Here are 2012 highlight videos for both programs. We also have video of a one-armed high school point guard you have to see to believe.

The Sports Beat: Who will replace Gary Andersen at USU?

12/19/2012 2:53pm
With a finger on the pulse of the sports world KSL asks the pressing questions and gets the insightful answers from our team of sports reporters. Today's question: Who will replace Gary Andersen at USU?

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