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Glenn Beck: Hillary Clinton 'will be the next president'

09/03/2014 1:46pm
Glenn Beck may not want to vote for Hillary Clinton, but he is convinced that she will win the presidency in 2016.

Christie and Clinton making visits to Mexico

09/03/2014 4:01pm
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are making overlapping trips to Mexico this week, signifying the importance of connecting with Hispanic voters ahead of potential presidential campaigns in 2016.

Same-sex marriage 'the right thing to do,' Huntsman says

09/03/2014 6:40pm
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. said Wednesday it's "inevitable" that same-sex marriages will be recognized nationwide, but stopped short of criticizing state officials for fighting the issue in court.

Democrat ends campaign in US Senate race in Kansas

09/03/2014 8:01pm
The Democrat challenging three-term Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts ended his campaign Wednesday without explanation.

Former New Orleans mayor to have public defender

09/03/2014 8:40pm
A public defender will handle a former New Orleans mayor's appeal of his conviction on bribery and money laundering charges.

Democratic leader compares Walker policies to slap

09/03/2014 8:41pm
The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee has compared Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's record on women's issues to a slap, in language that evokes images of domestic violence.

Senate candidates in NC clash in opening debate

09/03/2014 9:20pm
Sen. Kay Hagan accused Republican challenger Thom Tillis of shortchanging education as a leader of the North Carolina Legislature on Wednesday night, and he cast her as a rubber stamp for President Barack Obama in the first debate of a close and costly race with national stakes.