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McCain: Prolonged Arizona execution was 'torture'

07/25/2014 10:53am
The prolonged execution of Arizona death row inmate Joseph Wood was tantamount to torture, Sen. John McCain said.

CAMPAIGN WATCH: This week in the race to November

07/25/2014 12:01pm
This week Democratic U.S. Sen. John Walsh dominated campaign news with revelations that his thesis written to earn a master's degree from the U.S. Army War College in 2007 contains unattributed passages taken word-for-word from previously published papers. His challenger for the seat, Republican Rep. Steve Daines, so far has remained silent, seemingly content to let the controversy unfold. Daines spokeswoman Alee Lockman said Friday they are still monitoring the news and have nothing to add at this time.

Senior Obama adviser on impeachment: 'I would not discount that possibility'

07/25/2014 12:51pm
Dan Pfeiffer, a longtime aide and senior adviser to President Barack Obama, told reporters Friday that recent talk of impeaching the President should not be considered a long shot.

Federal land managers criticized at House hearing

07/25/2014 4:52pm
Republican elected officials criticized the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's handling of the armed April standoff with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, blaming tensions on heavy-handed actions by the agency's law enforcement officials.

Veterans' response to senator's PTSD remarks mixed

07/25/2014 6:31pm
The talk in American Legion and Veterans of Foreign War halls and barrooms across Montana has been about Sen. John Walsh since the Democrat linked a cribbed research project he wrote in 2007 to post-traumatic stress disorder.