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GOP keeps House edge in Democratic-leaning states

07/12/2014 1:40am
Democrats have long claimed that Republicans abused their legislative powers to elect a disproportionate number of U.S. House members. Now a Florida court is lending credence to their complaint.

Republican David Perdue's life at a glance

07/12/2014 7:31am
David A. Perdue Jr.

Sandra Fluke seeks wider influence in California

07/12/2014 10:01am
The former Georgetown University law student who gained national attention for being denied a chance to testify in Congress for health plan contraception coverage — and then was subjected to degrading comments by radio host Rush Limbaugh — is hoping to make public policy of her own.

His agenda in gridlock, Obama relishes roadshow

07/12/2014 12:43pm
Welcome to Barack Obama's split-screen presidency. On one side: a confident Obama making campaign-style stops around the country and ridiculing his political opponents to the delight of cheering supporters. On the other side: an increasingly unpopular president hobbled by gridlock on Capitol Hill and a steady stream of vexing foreign policy crises.